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Cat nicknames

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Yesterday it was how you chose a name for your cat/cats. Today I'm interested in their nicknames.

Here are mine (in no special order)

Katie: Baby, Katie Cat, Chicky, The Cat, Ma Belle

Gracie: (Little) Bug, Princess, Scooby, Puff Kitty, Stinky

Peter: Crazy Pete, Petey Pie, Sweet Pete, Little Guy, Buddy
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I tend to call Oz, Fat cat, Mate or Smelly (well he often deserves it)
My husband calls him Osbourne

I didn't get to choose his real name, he was named by the rescue centre
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Guin, Guindaloo, Guinea pig, piglet, stinky bottom, little monkey, chunky money... and probably a lot more that I can't remember!
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Oliver - Honeykitty
Tripod - Snookims
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Rosie and Sophie both get the same nicknames.

Hunny Bun, sweety pops, cherub, baby doll, fluffy bum

Oh i hope the neighbours can't hear me?!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
fluffy bum

Oh i hope the neighbours can't hear me?!
fluffy bum.. hehe...

Well if they do hear you, imagine what they think when I am standing there calling "Guinness!" They might think I am some alcho or something!

Oh yeah, PiNK called her dog Fu er and her neighbours complained about her! lol
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Dexter...BigBoy, Dex, & Handsome.
Sadie...Potato, TaterPie, Sader.
I call them both my "bundles of love."
We also have just sounds that are almost like a language that they understand. Do you?
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Amo bonito (means Nice Master)
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Nancy - Sumo (she's rather large)
Colin - Big Boy and Fat Cat (he's even larger)
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Angel's nicknames are Meowers, Baby Creature, and Cutie Pie.
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Forgot one for Gracie - the Boss. She's pretty much in charge of things around our house.
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Snickers: "Snicky", "Nickies", "Knickerbockers!"

Dusty: "DustMop", "Moppy"

Jessie: "Messy Jessie"

K.C.: "Nut-case", "Nutty"

Zorro: "Buddy", or the longer version, "Buddy-Boy With Fries"

Hammie: "Monster", "Hamhead"
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Tailer: the Most Magnificent Mr. Kattie...or Mr. Kattie for short (we got him first)
Harvey: Harvular Marvular Boo, Mr. Other Kattie (he came second)
Forest: Buddy, Wobbles, SweetiePie, Mr. Other Other Kattie...M.O.O. Kattie for short (he's the newest member)
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