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Wants me every second

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I am not saying that this is a big problem cause I love it that Misty my little grey tabby kitten is sooooooooooo affectionate. Its just that she follows me constantly crying and wants to be held in my arms all day. I would love to but I got other things to do as well (unfortunatly) . She is eating well and poopin ok etc in her box. She likes to play when i play with her but bored on her own.

Also she uses my legs like they are tree trunks LOL Any suggestions on how to keep her happy when I cant be cuddling her. I find her crying when I get home too sometimes She is just nine weeks old.
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Get her another kitten to play with!

No seriously, Rosie used to be the only cat i had and she was very affectionate, and i always put some time aside to play with her when she was a kitten, but with being at work there was only so much time i could give her

But then i got Sophie!, and she now has a playmate when i'm not there and i really wish i'd done it sooner
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lol she sounds so cute. My cat did the same thing he is a tabby too. lol. What I did was tie a piece of string to my pants (yes I did look stupid lol) and he forgot about being patted and was hell bent on getting the string. And I got my housework done. lol just make sure that the string is not too long so you can keep an eye on your cat.
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i went through the same thing with ChumChum...and that's how i ended up with Luciano! she's still affectionate with us, but also keeps busy playing games with her brother.
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Hi again and thanks for all your replys and advise

I do have another kitten and he is four months old. I separated them (untill after he is neutared) as advised by Hissy because he was beating up on her pretty badly. I have him in a separate room and switch them sometimes so he isnt in there all the time. He (Hardrive) is just the opposite. He is not an overly affectionate kitty and I think he is a born hunter. I cant get a vet to nuetar him untill he is five months old.

I will try the string on my pants trick LOL . I guess I will just have to put up with all this love and affection untill I can get them together.Not exactly a hardship. I swear I havent had this much attention in my whole life.

Oh yes she is a cute little one for sure. Thanks
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what breed is the kitten as so breeds are like that i.e ragdolls and my bengals are like it
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Hi KittyLady,

You know it is just going to take some time for your little ones to get along and get used to one another. They are both pretty young and need time to adjust to growing and the world around them. Your little girl sounds so sweet and adorable. Sounds like she is a bit starved for attention being alone all day. Once Hardive is neutered and you feel safe to put them together, I think this will most definately alleviate the neediness she feels right now.

When I got my Chloe at 4 weeks, she would literally lick herself raw because of loneliness and anxiety. We were gone all day. So my at the suggestion of my vet, we got her Gabby Girl. It was mayhem! They didn't get along at all! It took like 4 or 5 months for them to warm up to eachother. But once they did, it turned out to be good for all of us!

What a wonderful feeling it must be to know your little one really does look at you as her mommy.

Good luck
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before I got my ktiten Aerowyn my cat elliot would always do freaky things. he "Mrrrrf!"s and galloped around the house with his tail bristled trying to get me to play with him, he raced around the house and jumped up the walls, just basically freaking out all the time. Now that I've got Aerowyn, he not only does these things twice as much, but she does it to! WOO But at least they leave me alone. I think elliot is jealous of aerowyn because she can climb trees. He cant because he is front declawed and is too fatXD but he jumped about two feet up a trunk today and held on for like 30 seconds before he flel on his bum ^_^ So yes, definitely get companions. Two for one sales on kittens, isle 7! Heh
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That string on your leg will be an open invitation for your cat to continue to crawl up your leg. She is just so young she still is missing her mom and littermates, you are her family now and that is why she is all over you. I still believe a snugglekittie will help her make the adjustment easier until your male can be introduced to her properly after he is neutered.
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oops sorry didn't mean to give you bad advice. Its just that when I asked my vet what to do about mine, that is what she suggested and it worked. As I don't have as much experience with cats as everyone else here I wouldn't do the sting thing if I was you. lol maybe I should find a new vet lol
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