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Hi everyone,

recap: my tortie cat wasn't doing number 2s in the litter tray only but I thought it was because she was constipated but I'm not so sure now we are really dosing her up on hairball and parafin oil (checked with her vet first to see if this would help).

update: Alas tonight my partner busted her between all the litter boxes ready to do number 2s my partner yelled "no Tobie" and she quickly jumped in the litter box and started to dig as if she knew she was doing the wrong thing. We have tried different litter boxes, different litter and we have a total of 4 litter boxes for our two cats. All trays are cleaned on a daily basis and emptied completely every week. Next Thursday is her and her brothers (Dally, submissive male) appointment for their "shots" so I will check again with them to see if they have any ideas. I guess what I am wondering is could this be a habit to her now and is used to going where she feels like it because I will admit both of my cats are spoilt! ha ha