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It took forever but I heard back from the photographer that took that picture of the firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero. I thought you might be interested in his answer, and will let you know if I hear further from them in the future:
Our newspaper, The Record (Bergen County, NJ), owns the copyright to the
photograph taken by Thomas E. Franklin of three firefighters raising the
American flag at Ground Zero, which was first published in The Record
September 12, 2001. We realize that many of you have been patiently
waiting for a response to your requests for permission to use the photograph
and we apologize for the delay.

We have only processed a few requests and have put off processing additional
requests because we wanted to consult with the firefighters in the
photograph to get their thoughts on how the photograph should be used. Our
concern was particularly acute in relation to the requests we have received
for use of the photograph on merchandise that would be offered for sale.
And, as you know, this has been a particularly hectic time for the
firefighters, who are dealing with many things including the recovery
efforts at Ground Zero. Justifiably, their focus over the past two months
has not been on this photograph.

We have contacted the attorney representing the three firefighters in the
photograph concerning any rights they may have with respect to this photo.
He is out of the country until November 18th, so we can not process any
requests for permission to use the photo (except for the specific uses
discussed below) until that time. We will use every effort to respond
promptly after we speak with him. As I am sure you can understand, our
newspaper has also been extremely busy covering the news for our readers.
We do apologize for this additional delay and thank you for your patience.

In the interim, we will grant permission for the following uses:

Editorial use: If you would like to use the photograph in an article,
editorial, or photojournalistic essay about the events of September 11th,
photojournalism, or about firefighting, please contact Corbis SABA at
212/477-7722 (kindly ask for the Research department).

Use at Memorials: If you would like to use the photo at a memorial and/or
fund-raiser (and you aren't selling it), email your request to
Please include details and a contact name and number.

Museum/Gallery Display: If you would like to include the photograph in
museum or gallery exhibition or other display, please email your request to and include a contact name and phone

Fire and Rescue Personnel: If you are a firefighter or rescue worker and
would like to use the photograph (other than for sale), please email full
details concerning your proposed use to and
include a contact name and phone number.

Please note that until we have input from the firefighters themselves, as
noted above, we will not allow anyone to sell the photo or reproduce it on
anything that is sold. Nor will we give permission to copy or adapt the
image (by painting, embroidery, quilting, sculpture etc.), even if you are
not selling the copy.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding during this very
difficult time.