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My Funny Babies

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This evening I was carrying groceries in and left the garage door open for my convenience. The trunk of the car was also open. I heard a loud pop and went out into the garage to see what was going on. The youngsters had been out playing and somehow had closed the trunk.

I opened it and continued to carry in the groceries. In a few minutes, I heard the trunk close again and her came Alley walking in the door. I went out to see what Mac was doing and she had locked him in the trunk!

When I opened it, he just looked at me as if to say, "What was she thinking?"

I'm a widow with a 16 year old still living at home, but is gone most of the time. Or so it seems! These little kittens are so much fun! I'm not sure what I would do without them.

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That was a good way to start my day! Thanks for the chuckles. I have an 18 yr oild who is also gone most of the time - the kits sure do make it more interesting at home.
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I would recommend a new kitty for anyone, especially if that person is alone or sad. When my 14 year old kitty died I was completely devestated. While I could never forget Norton, when we got our new kitten, Jinxy, my life was vastly improved. He makes me so happy and I never thought I could love another animal so much!! I can't wait to come home from work to see him everyday!

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