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Willow - placenta? - advise please

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I'm sorry I broke this into another thread, but I wanted to make sure that anyone with advise would see it! I've been trying to look up the signs of a retained placenta. DH is not home so I cant get Willow's temperature easily. I went up to check on her and the kittens and she wasnt there, she had come down earlier for a bit (and her 3rd! can of food since delivery). She did come in while I was sitting there walking very ginger-footed and seemed reluctant to go in the box and to not want to lie down once in the box. I guess I'm not explaining this well, but just didnt seem like she did this morning. I plan on calling our vet in the morning and taking her and the kits in. Is this something I can wait on?
In case you didnt read Willow's birth story, kitten #3 was born without his sac. He kinda just plopped out. His cord was ripped. I had to tie off #3's cord cuz I noticed it bleeding. #4 was born almost 50 mintutes later, no problems. During all this, I did not notice the sac. I thought maybe it would come out with #4, maybe it did and I didnt see it. How will I know if she needs immediate help.

Sorry to be stressing every one... Just trying to be cautious. Actually Dh just got home, I'm going to go up now to take her temp. Thank you everyone so much for being here for me throughout this whole thing!
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We tired ot take her temp, she cries when we touch her. I picked her up to take her temp and she urinated on me. I then put her on the ground to try and take it... 104.5

I'm calling the vet now.
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i wish I could tell you- but I honestly have no Idea. I do hope she's okay! :hug:
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We're on our way to the emergency vets now! Hubby's upstairs boxing them up. I'll keep ya posted.
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I'm keeping Willow in my thoughts! I hope everything is OK with her!!!
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I sense that Willow should be fine in the long run. YOu are doing all the correct things: love, attention, and vet services.... and oh yeah, cans of cat food!

Let us know when she and the kits come home.
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Oh, Please let us know how it goes with your pretty little Willow. I think that since you were so observant about the kitten being born without the sac, that gives her a real good chance!

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We're back, they x-rayed her and confirmed there were no more kittens. The vet didnt seem to think it was a retained placenta as it was still so early. He said if it were that that she most likely wouldnt have gotten sick until later. Also that since she had a kitten after #3, the last kitten would've expelled it. He thought maybe it could be the start of matisis. Also Willow was really distended from everything she has eaten today, and that it was hard to see everything. Anyway, they gave her a shot of fluid and antibiotic. They wanted to keep her over night, but said if I was comfortable with it, that I could just monitor her (take temp, etc) myself tonight. Follow up with our vet in morning. So we brought her and the babies home. They said her temp was really high, so good that we brought her in when we did, but they figure she would probably be like a new person by morning. Let's hope!
Oh and they sexed the kittens for me -- like I didnt know already but they thought Nacho looked to be doing okay!
Oh and they cant believe that I the humane society didnt know she was pregnant when we adopted her and thought I should call them to let them know the situation. I brought her paper-work with me cuz I figured for sure they wouldnt believe me
Anyway, I'm heading up for bed - finally. But have to set my alarm at intervals to check Willow's temp. I'll let you guys how things are in the morning.

Thanks again for all your support and well-wishes -- Everyone! Thank you!
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Good thing you took her in and she is now being monitored. But with any luck she will be OK. Positive thoughts coming for her and hte kits from here!
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I am sending good vibes towards you and Willow. I am praying for the new momma! I am sure everything will be just fine.
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It is a good thing that willow has a mama that cares so much now * nods*
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Willow is at the vet's again. Her temp didnt come down any and by the time I got her and the kits to our regular vet this morning, her temp was up over 105. So they are keeping them there for the day. They started her on IV fluids, are giving her a shot of oxytocin, stonger antibiotics and if allowed, a pain medicine (if they find one tolerable for the kiddies). My poor little girl whines whenever her babes crawl on her flanks... so much going on... I'm trying to remember it all. I've so little sleep these past couple days, I am so emotional. They are going to call me later tonight. If her temp comes down enough, I can bring them home tonight, if not they will keep her overnight and perhaps spay her in the morning. If that happens, they say I wil have to feed the kittens myself. They are trying to NOT have to spay her while she's still nursing these babes, but if they cant get her temp down we'll have no choice.
I'm sure there's more... but it's all I can think of right now. Thanks for keeping my baby in your thoughts. Oh and she also confirmed what the vet said last night. Despite it all, the kittens seem to be thriving and are doing really well. But my poor Willow... she's so weak. She wont even get out of her box to go potty, she's just been going right in her box where she lays. I so feel for her. And I hate feeling so helpless. Oh I hope they can come homre tonight! Well she's in good hands now. Thanks again for all your prayers!
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i'm sorry to hear about your kitty i really hope she feel better so you can bring her home tonite
are the kittens with her ?
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Originally Posted by gailail
i'm sorry to hear about your kitty i really hope she feel better so you can bring her home tonite
are the kittens with her ?
Yes the kittens are with her. The vet said that maybe she does have a mammary infection (they're really not sure where the infection is stemming from), but that the kittens were still thriving, so she didnt want to remove them just yet. Oh, and she's hoping that the shot of oxytocin will help her milk let-down more. So we'll see... I'm on needles just waiting for that phone to ring! I hope she can come home tonight too, I'm so tired but just cant shut my brain off!
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where did you say you got her from again ??
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Originally Posted by gailail
where did you say you got her from again ??
We adopted her from the Humane Society March 12th. Both vets recommended that I call them to let them know what is going on. The ER clinic thought they may reimburse some of the costs. I think not, but whatever right. At this point I just want her to come home okay. But I do want to let them know they gave me a 5-week pregnant cat without anyone's knowledge... We'll see. I think maybe I'll make that call right now.
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Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope so much that Willow's okay, and that she heals up just fine. I can't wait to hear good news about her! Keep us updated!
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i watch a progamme on animal channel on cable called Humane Society about recusing pets etc is it the same one ??
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Originally Posted by gailail
i watch a progamme on animal channel on cable called Humane Society about recusing pets etc is it the same one ??
I doubt it's our Humane Society. We're just a small city compared to others! In fact our Humane Society is just brand new this year.
At any rate, I finally bit the bullet and called them. The lady I spoke with on the phone was very nice. I'm actually waiting for her to call me back. They are trying to get a hold of the original owners to find out when she birthed the litter before this.
From what I can guess... we adopted Willow in 3/12, the lady at the office told us she was surrendered on 2/27. Actually, I just looked at my calendar, we adopted Willow on a Sunday, so the date was mismarked. We adopted her on 3/13. So she was at the pound for exactly two weeks. The HS told us she just had a littler of kits... so she was already 3 weeks pregnant when she was surrendered. How fast can a cat get preggo after her kits are born? After they're weened? or during?
Oh well... I also called the vet's office to check up on my girl. The tech said she is doing okay, her temp came down a degree but is still high at 104. They've only given her one dose of Cefazolin so far, she didnt think it looked likely that she would be home tonight. I'm to call back around 6 for more news... Still trying to be hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed. The kits havent been here all day, but I swear I hear them calling me from upstairs
How will I sleep without Wilbur's lost-hungry-whine?? I tell you this much. As annoying as it is to be ripped out of sleep, it will be music to my ears to have them back!
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The newest update in Willow:

she's coming home tonight. But she's still running her fever, the vets cant get it below 104.5

They are sending her home with her IV thingy and catheter thingy in place, but not hooked up. I'm to bring her and the kits back in first thing in the morning. Unless she has some miraculous recovery, it looks as if she is going to need the emergency spay. So at this rate there are two prayer options... Hope for that miracle recovery and hope she wakes up with a normal temp in the morning. Or hope that she will still produce milk after her spay tomorrow.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Just in case -- I'm calling the local no-kill rescue and see if they have any lactating mothers available -- just in case....

Please, please keep Willow and her acorns in your prayers!
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Willow is in my thoughts
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Willow update:

Willow is home, hopefully some prayers are starting to work... some miracles answered her fever is down to 103. Every little point helps. I can see a bit of difference in her already. At least now she is grooming herself and her kiddies. If it keeps coming down and gets to '101' she may not have to undergo the emergency spay. The magic number 101!
Once she weans these babies, she is going to be spayed anyway, but sure would like to make it at least a couple weeks before having it done.
I've called the local-no-kill rescue here, they do have a lactating mother in a foster home somewhere, but the kiddles would have to go there But hope is hope. Whatever it takes.

That's it for now. Her and her acorns are upstairs cute as can be, even in spite of the splint. And her little kits are music to my ears!
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Go Willow! We're rootin' for ya!
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Woo! Keep it up Willow! Come on! We're all praying for you!!!

And momma... I hope you get some soon! Perhaps when they're at the vet, you can get some Z's!
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Oh wow, I'm sorry you are going through this. Willow is in my prayers.
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did the lady from the humane society get back to you? what she say about adopting out a pregnant cat?

Willow and the kits are in my thoughts and prayers
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Keeping Willow and the kits in my thoughts!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
did the lady from the humane society get back to you? what she say about adopting out a pregnant cat?

Willow and the kits are in my thoughts and prayers
Yes, she got back to me, they said they dont have a vet on staff so sometimes it's hard to tell. Hmmmm.... anyway, as far as any reimbursement. They said they could return my $30 spay deposit. I didnt expect much there, but didnt hurt to ask. And I wouldnt have if the ER vet wouldnt have told me to. She also said she tried to contact the previous owners but they havent returned her call yet. No surprise there.

In other news. We picked Willow and her kits up last night. Actually my hubby did, I was in the ER with one of my non-fur kids. When it rains it pours.

Anyway, she seemed to be doing MUCH better. She was getting up to use the litter box, as opposed to just going in her box, and she was grooming herself and the kits. AND - she was PURRING.

I was so excited that I ran for the thermometer. It was still over 104, but I was excited with just her purr and tail 'wag'.

However; this morning, before I left for work (yes I am back to work today) I took her temp and it was 100.9!


Not only did we make the 101 goal but we beat it by a tenth of a point

So she was supposed to go back in for her spay at 10 this morning, now hubby will take her in for a once-over and to have her IV splint thingy removed. I called it the 5th blue kitten because her kits always seemed to mesh right in there with her paw And Willow liked to 'groom' the blue kitten to! Of course I have pics

So thank you EVERYONE for all your prayers! We're still not out of the woods, but I'll take every little bit I can!
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YAY!!! Go Willow! Boy, that's amazing that she came through! Isn't it amazing what a prayer can do!?
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