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Neat idea

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Well, I think so anyways I bought a cheap wire shelf for about $10 and attached it under my big window in my front room as a 'window seat' for the cats. I know you can buy these, but the ones I've seen have been a bit pricey. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some 'sheepskin' cloth (it looks like sheeps wool and is so soft! ) and some cotton stuffing and make a cushion for it. Gypsy couldn't wait to try it out
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What a wonderful idea! Alot cheaper than the ones they sell at the pet stores, that's for sure (I know, I have two of them). That picture is adorable.

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I like it!! Would this also work for an adult cat that weights about 12 pounds? All of our window ledges are really narrow and Snowball would just love something like this!!!!!
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:LOL: It works for my kitty Onyx, and he weighs over 15 lbs as of the last Vet visit.
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Love those markings, and that is a neat idea for a pretty inexpensive shelf.
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I just took this pic of my little Kiri enjoying the new 'window seat'
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Awww Melissa!! Your babies are so sweet! I think your idea is great - it looks cool too!! nice one!!
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I think Gypsy likes the new pillow I made for her window seat I made it from that really really soft 'polar fleece' stuff
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Melissa, thank you so much for sharing this idea. We were planning on buying one of those cat shelves for our cats, but they are so pricey. About twice as much as you paid for the utility shelf deal!
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Melissa - what a grand idea! Your fur children do seem to love it!
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Very cute idea! They look so comfy.
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