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Tub kitty!!

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Zoe has a strange fixation with the bath tub, and lately she's taken to attacking the shower curtain. She likes to pull the suction cups away from the wall if they're stuck, and she LOVES to chase water droplets down it, even when there's someone taking a shower. She'll sit there on the edge of the tub and bat at the water through the curtain. Wierd kitty....

Looook into my are getting did not see me playing in here....

There's something back here, Mom, I swear!! I have to get it before it gets me!!
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Wow. Zoe is one pretty kitty. Just love kitty fixations.
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Funny Zoe pictures and captions!
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Lovely cat
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LOL... cute! I don't know what it is... they seem to like tubs, sinks and toiets so much, and spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but I know mine can't stand baths.
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Limerick loves to play in the tub.
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We've had cats who used the tub for their wrestling matches.
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I have a piccy of Tiger playing in the tub... if I could download it from my phone/camera on to my laptop.
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Cute pics!!!
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Awww thanks for sharing those

Nice to see another cat with a water/bathroom obsession!
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Awwwww what a sweet face Zoe has

Mum wheres the bubbles gone?!

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Zoe looks very cute in the tub. -so do Limerick and Rosie.
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cute pic i just love the bath tubs pictures
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These are so cute--I love the caption on Rosie's pic!

This morning when I was in the shower Ziv hopped up between the curtains, as he often does. (The inner one is clear, so I can see him). This time, though, something possessed him to put his front paw in the tub--I guess he was trying to lick up some water. He was still sheltered by the curtain, so there he is, licking away--but I guess he didn't realize that water is slippery, and he fell all the way in! He sat there for a minute, trying to figure out what was going out, then he jumped out and started licking himself in a frenzy. It's too bad I don't have a photo, but then again, I don't usually bring my camera in the shower with me.
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Aww, beautiful kitties. I love all the pics.
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