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I am so excited!!!!!!!

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I found out that Olivia Claire (my granddaughter) will be making her entrance into the world sooner that we thought! She is getting so big that they are going to induce labor around the 25th of this month. I am bouncing off the walls! I am going to spend the weekend before with my daughter, pampering her and taking care of her before her labor. She will be in the hospital for 2 days, then I am going to stay for a few days to help her get settled with the new baby.
I think I am going to get to be there in the delivery room with her. She is fortunate to be going to a hospital with a wonderful labor and delivery floor, with birthing suites instead of the cold, sterile maternity wards. She has a wonderful doctor, and older lady that has been an ob/gyn for about 40 years as well as a professor at the Medical College of Georgia. She is a tiny Chinese lady that has been just great in keeping my somewhat high strung daughter calm and unafraid. She said everything is just as it should be, but does not want the baby to get much bigger before she is born. They estimate she will weigh about 8 lbs. I think I will go bounce off the walls some more! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is so exciting! I am so happy for you and your daughter!
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oh congrats!!!
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Oh that is very exciting! Congratulations!
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How wonderful, I'm so excited for you. And to be there in the delivery room - what a truly magical experience. Sending lots of "easy birthing" vibes your daughter's way {{{{{}}}}}
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Congrats, I'm so happy for you.
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Oh how exciting I love baby news. Congratulations!!
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Congrats, congrats, congrats! I've missed so much, I didn't even know you were going to be a grandmum! But what wonderful news. I'm sure everything will go well, and I'll sure send some prayers to that effect!
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Congrats!!!!!! I know how hard it is to wait for a baby to "decide" when he/she wants to arrive. At least you know when she'll get here! I pray all goes well.

Keep us posted!
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Congratulations grandma! Wishing your daughter an easy labor, and the best of luck to your family.
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Congratulations! How exciting!!!
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Congratulations!! It is wonderful that you will be there to help your daughter and give her your loving support.
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Wow, how exciting!! How much quicker are we talking?

Is this your daughter's first child? Was there complications in the past? A child over 8lb is not last was 9.3 and the one before that problems with the weight though. Just curious to what is promting the doctor to think there may be an issue.
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It is her first child, and we have a family history of complications and huge babies. She was 10 lbs. and 24 inches long, over a month late. Her original due date was May 2, now it is April 25th. Only a week. They had been wondering for a couple months if the date might not be a little off anyway. They did another ultrasound Tuesday, and the doc said she is fully developed with lots of hair. I can't wait to meet her!! I bet she will be almost as pretty as her mommy was when she was born.
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Congratulations & happy upcoming birthday to Olivia Claire!
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Oh wow, congrats grandma! Reading your post, I could feel your excitement and it gave me goosebumps! I hope April 25th goes wonderfully for you, your daughter, and Olivia! This ought to be your best Mother's Day yet!!!
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