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how can I help my kitty to be a better mommy?

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Hello this is my first time here, and i need some advice on what I can do with my new mommy. Our family took Abby in 2 months ago, she was a stray living outside. She took to our home as if she had lived there all her life. She is a very affectionate cat, uses the litter box, dosen't scratch, she's perfect in everyway. Except, she just gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens last night(04/12)
we did not know she was pregnant when we took her in, but it didn't matter we were looking forward to the arrival. Now that she has had the babies she dosen't want to be with them. I know that they need her to do more then just feed them, they need their mother and all she wants to do is lay around like she did before the babies got here. I'm at my wits end with her, I do not have the time to be a surrogant mother to these 5 little bitties. What can I do to get Abby to be a better mother?

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If she won't feed them then you MUST. If they don't get food and warmth they will die. Is she showing any signs of being sick? Please go to www.kitten-rescue.com to find out how to care for these kittens. I hope you can find the time to be the mom- because they need help and quickly if they were born last night and mom hasn't been with them at all. Are you keeping her in the same room with them and not allowing her access to other parts of the house? A mom cat will shun her kittens if they are ill, so that could be a possibility as well. Intervention by you is important for these wee ones to survive. It is also possible that momcat is sick as well. Did you see her deliver all the afterbirths? Did she have any contractions that didn't produce kittens?
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Abby's labor and delivery went very well, she is showing no signs of illness, the babies are perfect. I was there for the entire delivery and there were no contractions without a baby. She feeds them but the problem is , that's all she wants to do . When their done nursing she gets up and leaves, she dosen't stimulate them for urination or bowel movements, and acts as if she dosen't even want them to touch her. My husband and I thought that maybe she was feeling rejected being in my walk in closet all by herself, but that is the only way I can make her stay with them, I've put food,water and a litterbox in there with her but I just feel so bad, like I'm holding her captive, is this wrong of me to do this

Thanks Hissy, any more info you might have sure would be helpful. I've had cats all my live, but I've never had one do this to me. I just want to help for the sake of the babies.

much apprectation,
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my cat wanted me to be with her for two whole days after the birth of her kitten. she would only stay in the room if i was there and follow me and cry when i left for toilet breaks!

i also had to keep the nest on my bed!

do you know if this is her first litter? if so it could just be really overwhelming for her. after all its only been a day. she might improve as time goes by.
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THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! We are into our third day and there has been a total turn around. Abby is doing a wonderful job now I believe you were right Maverick Kitten, I think she was just overwhelmed. I'ts as if all her maternal instincts just came out over night. Once again thank you everyone for being there for me so that I could be there for Abby. Mother and babbies are doing terrific!!! I will keep you posted on how everything goes in the near future.

Thank you and God bless you all!!!
Aaron, Abby, and the Fab 5
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Hi ,I just read your story and it sounds like mine ,i have kitten 6 months old ,pregnant when we got her we didnt know until we took her to vets last week ,Last night she had 5 kittens in my closet ,she is not paying them any attention or staying with them she follows me everywhere ,my vet has told me to shut her in room with her litter tray and food see if she feeds them ,,im so worried any advice welcome
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Tilly, i answered you in your initial post. Go and get a baby gate and put it up vertically in front of the closet to block her in, but not make a solid door between her and you- she needs to smell and see you- then watch her closely and be sure she is attending to the kittens, if not then you need to step in.
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I think it is great that people are finding and caring for strays....please remember that when the kittens are old enough to be weaned from mom to have mom spayed.

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