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Cats beg?

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Buddy of mine has a 6 month old kitten (Tagz, boy) that is growing well, but he is a strange one. He learned early on that if he begs people will give him food or other things he wants, I have never seen a cat beg like this before... I can only compare it to a dog. Tagz will stand on his rear legs, put his front paws in the air, 'clap' his front paws and pull them down to his body, he does this over and over again until he gets bored or what he wants.

Normally no one minds, but lately he has been begging at all times. He begs to the door (to be let out), trash can, sink, and basicly anything else that catches his attention. We are trying to break him of this because he won't meow to be let in or out, and has been known to stay outside on the porch beggins to the door to be let in for hours...

I have gotton him to meow once for me when he wants to be let out, but only after a long peroid of begging. Most of the time he just gets bored and goes away or poops behind the tv stand. He won't go in the litter box but will let you know when he wants to go outside to use the bathroom, the problem is seeing him before he looks elsewhere in the house to do his bussiness.

If there anything I can do to get him to meow (or scratch the door)? Waiting for him to send the singles I want is taking far to long (we are on month 2...).
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Sounds like he is training his people well. This could translate into some problems as he gets bigger though because you have to be Alpha over him and not the other way around. youare expecting him to act like a dog, and cats are not dogs. First thing is to take him to a vet and rule out a health issue (because of the poop issue) Then give him two more litterpans, make sure they are cleaned and scooped regularly. Cats are fastidious creatures and will not go someplace that smells dirty.

Also look at our stickied thread in behavior about pooping in inappropriate places for more tips
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I am planning on getting him new boxes, I think to many cats sharing 3 is the problem. He shares a house with 4 other cats (a big tom, a mama (getting ready to have her 3rd set of kittens), and his 2 sisters of the same age), and 4 humans.

The other cats go in the box, save the tom who prefers to stay outside most of the day and will meow to be let out to poop.
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