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and here is the picture of giving liquid medicine. I hope it helps.

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Oh Cindy, you really do deserve. I had not even heard about Little Bit, I really hope he gets better.
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I really hope Transfer Factor helps Lil Bit. Of course no one can make any promises but I know (and everyone who kept up on Jake's thread knows too!) That it was the difference between life and death for Jake. And it worked pretty darn quickly too! The first thing I noticed after starting Transfer Factor, was that Jake had a lot more energy and his eyes were brighter. He just seemed more alert and became more physically active. I think that was after 1-2 full days. I can't wait to see how she does on it.
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oh Cindy sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear about Lil Bit - you are all in my thoughts right now and please please please keep us updated of her progress....

love to you all my friend from all of us
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Originally Posted by hissy
What he said!

I am so glad, I had thought about asking if you wanted to share a bottle I hope this will be an answer for Little Bit. Please keep us posted.
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Well guys, we shall see! I came home from work tonight and promptly dosed her with the first dose of it....needless to say she's very, very perterbed with me right now, lol! I came through a little later and found Tigs, my other FeLv kitty carefully washing the residue off of her mouth for her.....Don't figure it will hurt him either. Pat and Tammie, how do your other kits like the stuff? While I was giving it to her almost all of mine were pestering me for a taste, weird, huh?

Tammie, I actually do have one of those! Will have to find it, but I do have one!
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I need to order my first bottle..just got the okay from my vet on Monday, and need to wait for dh's next paycheck. I am going to get the human version, hopefully, Rachel will like it mixed in a bit of wet food as a meatball...she tends to eat just about anything you give her!
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Lol, as my vet says about Bit, it can't hurt to try just about anything right now! But since she's not eating too well, I figured the milk/syringe feed was the best.
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I cried myself just reading this thread. KittenKrazy, the short time I've been here you've been so helpful and friendly. Everyone at this site has been so wonderful, I just love it! Thanks for being here for me, and I'm glad someone was there for you! Big things come in small packages.
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Well all my cats take it now. But they don't pester me for it. It took time for them to aquire a taste for it! I just mix it in their food now.
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Sending good vibes for Little Bit!
And Cindy, you have many friends here, including me!
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Well goodness Cindy! If the response to this thread is any indication you most DEFINITELY deserve some kindness thrown your way. You are always here for people, as a fabulous Mentor, a friend, a companion. It shouldn't be surprising to you that people want to do for you as you have done for so many here.

Gosh, I got all teary reading this thread too! We you Cindy!!!!

You and Little Bit are very close to my heart right now, and I sure do hope this Transfer Factor is the miracle she needs.
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Here's my girl!
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Aw, she's beautiful (and the quilt is too!). You're a wonderful friend and a caring person. You bring a lot of heart to TCS.
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Bit is so cute!
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She is lovely
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Bit is so lovely
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Awww Cindy she's a sweetie
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Aww Cind, I think that is the first pic I've seen of your kitties. Lil Bit is a doll, and when your ready to sell that quilt, give me first dibs!! LOVE IT!
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Thanks guys, she's a real sweetie! Sometime today I'm going to start a thread in H & N on her to keep updates in, 'cause thats where they really belong. And Susie, that quilt is flannel, nice and warm!
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Awww Cindy, Little Bit is just soooo adorable!! I really hope that Transfer Factor is/has been working It's wonderful that someone out there sent it to you - you guys really do deserve the best shot
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Hey guys, I started an update thread here, in H&N, no updates yet, just a basic short history.
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Cindy, you are a great person and everything nice that comes to you is well deserved.
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Bit is a sweetie, Cindy!! I sure hope this works for her!
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Bit looks like a sweet little angel and I love that quilt too.
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Cindy - she's so cute. Guarding her kitty quilt.
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