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Lost cat -- need advice

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Not advice, really, just wondering about the chances of him coming back.

I'm at school right now, so I don't know exactly when he went missing, but my parents tell me it was over a week ago. When I spoke to my mom last night, she said that she hadn't seen him in 3 days. He's almost 16 years old (this summer), and I would say pretty fit (certainly compared to our other cat who passed away a few years back, who was overweight/obese). My parents haven't put any food out for him, but they will today. The weather has been I think a bit chilly lately, it's probably been between the 40's and 60's on any given day since he escaped (he's an indoor declawed cat, by the way). Water would be no problem for him, there's a little stream running behind our house. Traffic where we live is relatively minimal, and from what I've read an indoor cat would probably be so spooked that his chances of geting hit would be fairly small.

I guess what I'm ultimately wondering is what the chances are of him being alive right now, having to fend for himself in terms of food, and dealing with the chilly temperatures. I'm still hopeful, but I'd like to be able to at least partially brace myself in case he never comes back.
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Here is a website with tips and links to other websites that will also help your parents find him

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My parents aren't terribly interested in finding him and I've already been to sites like that, and I plan to start doing stuff when I go home tomorrow. For the time being, I'm just curious how well a cat like him can survive in the temperatures I specified.
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I will be honest with you. His disadvantage is he is declawed, he is older and he may not survive this lost episode. Hopefully his homing instincts will kick in and he will come back to the people he knows. If he has been ill, often they will leave and just go off and curl up and go to sleep.
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i think another disadvantage is your parents, who didn't know/care he was missing for at least 3 days. It's possible he got out, and wanted back in or was around your house, and they never came out to actively search

I think you should go home and use all the advice you read online and find him! also, take him to a vet as soon as you do, he may need fluids.

Was he an indoor cat all his life? who declawed him?
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My parents both saw him a few times after he got out, but every time they approached him he ran away. The last time they saw him was probably on Saturday. I think they've still been keeping an eye out, they just haven't seen him or haven't been around when he was. I know my mom did actively search at one point, but she never specified when exactly that was, although I imagine it was probably shortly after he got out.

He's been an indoor cat his entire life, although he has escaped before, many years ago, and he was gone for about a week before he came back. He's been declawed since...I'm not sure, but it's been a while, maybe 11 or 12 years? As far as I know he's perfectly healthy, never had any health problems. Also, he's neutered.

I was going to go home today, but circumstances apparently beyond my control prevent it. I hope to be home by tomorrow evening, but at the very latest I'll be home by Friday, since they're kicking us out of the residence halls on Friday for Spring Break.
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If they can ask them to leave him a way to get into the house (if it is safe) or into the garage, somewhere there is warmth. Taking off a screen to a window that sits low to the ground is best, but again, it has to be safe to do so. Be sure they leave out food and water in a protected area near the house so he will have food.
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I am wondering why the cat runs from your parents when he sees them. It sounds like he really wanted out, perhaps to go find you.It sounds like he has found an alternate place; how long it will work for him is anyone's guess. Cats often show up on my doorstep for a quick bite & some cat-chat and then decide it's a good place to hang out. Hopefully, he'll come back when he hears your voice.
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The temperature isn't a problem for your cat. Its a sma e your parents aren't more interested in finding him. My 14 yr old cat is inside/outside cat and has been known to still spend some nights outside (mainly because the service door to the garage blows shut and I forget to see if he is in the house or not. I wonder what he has been eating. My cats if outside will drink water from all sorts of sources.
I hope you find him when you do go home.
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It's common for a cat to flee from their owner once they go outside. If they are an inside only kitty they get easily overwhelmed by the sounds, smells and activity of the outside world. The go into a flight or fight mode, and since he can't fight, he flees. I hope you find him!
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I got home today...or I guess it would be yesterday now (I haven't slept). There's food and water out there for him, where my mom saw him last, and I also put my bedsheet from school out there (last time I cleaned it was 2 months ago, so it's sure to have my stank all over it). The food doesn't look like it's been touched, but it's only been out there since Wednesday. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but the temperature combined with his lack of claws for hunting has me worried. Today or Saturday I'm going to ask the neighbors if they've seen him.
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