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I am picking up the pictures

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On Saturday, i dropped the film of Rascal at the store and they should be ready by tomorrow afernoon or Wednesday. After that, I will be looking all over for a scanner. By the way, do the employees at the photo labs know how to put them online? It will save me the trouble of finding a scanner.
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I don't think that photo lab employees have access to do that kind of stufff for you. I do know that some places will put your photos on a cd disk for you for a price. That way you can load the cd into your computer and download them that way. They don't scan your pictures and put them on a website by themselves, that is something you must do.
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These days there are many options. You could have had the film processed into photo CD's which you could just pop into your own computer and upload them to the net.

Here at Kmart (and I assume they have them all over the country in different stores because I've seen the commercials [little boy scans photo of young grandma playing baseball]) they have the Kodak Photo machine dealie, and you can scan in pics, crop them, enlarge them, etc, then print them out or save them onto a floppy disc so you can take home.
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If you have an AOL account, you can have the pics sent to a site and you'll not only get your hard copies, but you'll already have your pics uploaded on a Kodak Site for you to organize your photo albums. I'm sure there's a lot of other sites that offer this, but I'm not sure about other ISP's that do other than AOL.
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Thanks guys. I will try and go to Kmart and put the pictures on a disk. Then I can put them here. I got the pictures!. I think I need to take photo taking classes. Most of them turned out blurry or I took pictures direclty in the light. But I did manage to get some really good ones. He is so cute!!!
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Whenever I brought in a roll of film, I'd automatically have it put on a disk. Kodak charges about $20 but this way all you have to do is pop the disk in the computer and download them. The only downside to that is you don't have any paper pictures to show people. That's why I've decided to buy a digital camera. I also need it for my column, since I take pictures of the pets that go into the paper.

Can't wait to see them.
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got you pics back yet?
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Yes, i got the pictures back. Rascal's a ham. I am currently looking for a scanner. I think I know of someone who has one. I will ask her if she can scan them to my email. Then I will send them.
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Can't wait to see the little scamp!
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