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Wow, I love this!

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I recently received a PS2 game - its not exactly a game but its a exercise game made for PS2, Xbox and the PC - it rocks!

Its called Yourself! Fitness and it has tons of exercises - it asks you to do certain things so you can get assessed for what you need to focus on and it says that I need to lose weight, of course

But I started doing the workouts last Monday and wow, I feel it is working for me and I love doing it - it gives you a focus on a certain area each workout, like for example, Monday was upper body, Tuesday was lower body, and today was flexibility. Mmm I wonder what tomorrow brings - core or cardio.

And it has mediation if you want to do yoga - I have always wanted to do it but didnt know how and this game helps a lot! I am sweating buckets after each workout - something I never used to do when I worked out in the past.

And it is wayyyyy cheaper than a gym membership - and no uncomfortability with other people seeing you workout, can do it in the privacy of your own home, thank goodness!
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Good to know that it's working for you. I've kinda had my eye on it for while so maybe I'll go out and pick up a copy.

Speaking of video games helping you keep in shape, my cousin's doctor suggested Dance Dance Revolution (You know the game with the pad you dance on) to work off some weight so I'll pass this along to her as well.
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