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I got a cat recently from the Cats Protection League. He had been a stray for years and when they picked him up he was rather worn in. He also suffers from FIV, so when places in the pens he wsan't allowed to mix with the other cats for fear of spreading the infection. He started to get pen distress and stopped cleaning himself, so the girl who worked there took him home.

It was about a week later that I happened to come across the advert to rehome him and I took him instantly. Due to the fact he is an FIV cat he is not allowed out now, and I live alone in a one bedroom flat (which is still quite big). I work for most of the day but come home in the evenings and spend all my time petting him, as he craves attention. Everything has been going smoothly for the last 6 weeks until 3 days ago. He has been sitting by the windows (I am 2 floors up) and miaowing at all the cats below. Now this is fine during the day, but now he has started doing it all through the night. He is constantly pacing the flat and changing windows and basically keeping me awake all night. I feel awful about leaving him indoors all the time, especially since he lived outdoors for so many years, but there is nothing else I can do - I have considered getting another cat as company for him, but not sure whether this is what he wants.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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Is he spayed?
Im currently having the same problem of him miawing at the window and racing around the appartment in the night time, last night we had the person below complaining because the cat stomps too hard on the floor.
Maybe you can get another FIV cat?
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Yes he has been spayed (although you wouldn't think it). I would only get another FIV cat, as otherwise it wouldn't be fair, but is it fair to keep two cats enclosed in a one bed flat? Bit of a moral dilemma......
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It is that time of year and the cats below are more than likely spraying the bushes and getting him worked up. There are several things you can do- you can install a bird feeder that attaches to the outside of the window so he can watch and be entertained. You can purchase videos for cats (yes they really do have such a thing) This website recently came to my attention-

Mewvie for you cat

and on that page there are others. Tropical fish is a good distraction, but you have to have a sturdy aquarium and top. You can start playing with him interactively when you get home with a toy like Da Bird, right before bedtime as well and follow up the sessions with a nice bowl of warmed up canned cat food. Also start burning a few comfort zone room diffusers, are they available in England?

Room diffusers

And I would look into adopting another cat that has the same disease. So many times no one wants them-
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Thanks very much for that Hissy, I have just ordered both the room diffuser and an aquarium dvd and will give them both a try asap. At least I might get rid of the ear plugs soon!!! xx
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Good Luck!! It takes a special person to take on a cat like that. I hope everything works out!
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Good luck, sounds like you are on the right track! You are so sweet for bringing him home.
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For Feliway in the UK, you can buy it online from The Cat Shop

You are very kind to have taken him in!
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