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Help, he's digging in my houseplants!

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Max is 5 mths old, and I've had him for 2 months. He loves to dig in my large houseplants and doesn't respond to the usually aluminum foil or squirts of water. Although he jumps out when I make loud noises, he'll get right back in. Dirt is everywhere in my house, thanks to Max. He also has lots of toys and paper sacks for playtime...and we play with him. The original owners had paired him with a wiener dog for companionship, so he grew up playing with the dog. Is that why he's so stubborn, and doesn't scare easily? He also likes my counter tops and is not coming when I call him. The other 2 cats that I have owned were taught to sit-up and fetch. I just want good manners for Max, no tricks!
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Well first thing is that he is a baby and he has lots of energy. If you don't work with him on a VERY regular basis and with something he really enjoys, it will take longer to teach him things like sitting up. All cats have different personalities. I have several who come when I call them and a few who ignore me as if I am not even near them. For the plants, I would just put some rocks to cover the soil. Even if he knows it's not right and decides to stay out when you are around, he will be so tempted that the minute you are gone, he will get in there. You can try spraying citrus around the area, but it may not work in his case if he's that stubborn. Same thing with the counters, you can teach them to stay off by using double back tape, citrus spray, cans of pennies that when he jumps up, he knocks them down and it startles him. However, 95% of the time, they just avoid doing it when you are home or around.
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You might consider putting screen or chicken wire over the tops of your flower pots. This allows you to water your plants and keeps your kitty out. Works great with small children too, until they learn to remove the screen.

Good luck!
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