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Mommy for a 3rd time??

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I adopted 2 cats a little over a month ago, a mom and son. Trixie is 18 months old and has already had two litters. The home I got them from seemed....well, lacking to say the least so I gathered them up and took them home that night. I soon after took them to the vet for check ups and shots, neither of which they'd had. Here's where my concern starts LOL. When the vet was examining Trixie, he thought her mammory glands seemed a little larger than normal. He said though that because her last litter was in October, it could just be from that. Now, my plan was to have both cats fixed once they'd received their shots. They're due in this week for more shots. Anyway, hubby and I were sitting on the couch the other night and Trixie went running across....and my jaw dropped! Just all of a sudden she looks HUGE! She's still very sleek around her shoulders etc but she looks like she's got a beer belly! She was malnourished when I got her (ok, the vet didn't actually say that but her fur was rough and she weighed only 5 lbs) so I don't know if this is pregnancy or just the fact that she's no longer around a domineering cat and is actually able to eat! She's not being overfed and she doesn't get an overabundance of people food at all....I just don't know Hubby of course is freaking cause every pet I bring home ends up pregnant LOL. It makes no difference to me....I'll keep the kittens if she's pregnant. I guess I'm just concerned because she's still quite young and I'm afraid that if she is in fact pregnant, it could be hard on her. Suggestions anyone?
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My suggestion to you is to take her back to the vet and have him palpate her, feel for babies. Or get an xray done but I think that depends on how far along she is. Also, do her nipples look bright pink? That is a sure sign of pregnancy.

The best plan is to take her to the vet again just to be sure.
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That's the thing...her nipples have been bright pink since the day I brought her home. She's not exactly helpful though...she's cuddle and kiss me but do you think I can get a good look at her tummy? LOL They need their next shots this week so I'll have the vet check her.
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How old is the male cat/kitten? He could get her pregnant as soon as he is mature. That can be as young as 5 months. If he is older then that I would keep them seperated until they are fixed.
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Whoaaaa.....does that mean I'm naive in thinking cats won't inbreed? Tiger is 6 months old....thing is, Trixie has not been in heat at all since we got her...unless she's the first cat I've seen to not have all those tell tale the dying siren meow LOL There was a male cat at the home I took them from as well..who I *believe* fathered her first two litters.
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Cats don't care at all about the sibling thing - once they are mature they will breed with whatever is closest and in heat/mature. ANd sometimes a first heat can be almost missed and only last a short time. So you could belooking at inbreeding.
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depends whos the dominat mate in the house i would think the male kitten wouldn't be
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She coukd also have got preg. fromthe other male before you took her hon . I hope you find out soon!
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Not knowing is driving me I'll look at her and think she's pregnant and then start second guessing thinking, nah, she's not THAT She is the dominant of the two. Tiger is braver but his momma puts him in his I work nights so I just have to wait till I can get the car to take them up! There, problem solved I'll skip dinner! I'm taking them to the vets...back with news (hopefully) in a while!
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Well I got my answer....lolol. Trixie is going to be the mom of 3 kittens (they think). The vet figures she's about halfway through her pregnancy but she's not 100% sure...something about it being hard to tell with cats. Tiger is at the vets now and will be neutered in the morning. So now I guess I just have to be patient That shouldn't be tooo hard LOL Now comes the hard part though....convincing hubby that 3 more cats won't make THAT big a difference around here
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If you don't want to deal with kittens and all the troubles that could possibly happen as well as findinh homes for the babies and getting them fixed and vaccinated; you could have the momma spayed right now. Then she won't have the babies. That is what I would probably do. Its not a big deal and the vet should have no problem doing it.
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I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that I don't have a problem with kittens I think I've brought every stray in Ontario in at one point or another LOL Now it's just a waiting game That and now I have to figure out a good place to get her set up.
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Is there anything in particular I need to be doing for her right now? I've read in here something about feeding them kitten food...does that have to be done and if so when? Any other things I can do for her? Gosh, I don't think I was this nervous with my own kids LOL
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Well I have never had pregnant cat personally, but at my shelter, we give all the momma cats and momma-to-be cats kitten food and extra amounts of it.
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I foster kitties and rescue on a regular basis. I would suggest you go out and get some kitten food for her ( i recoment purina kitten chow), and gradually start adding a handfull into the food she already eats, over the course of a few days you should have the majority of her food all kitten chow, and slowly wean her off of her adult food. This is much more healthy for her, as the kitten chow is very nutritious for her body during her pregnance and nursing stages, and by adding it gradually, you can usually avoid upsetting her stomach. Allow her to eat as much as she will eat. It also is not a bad idea to offer her a little canned kitten food now and then as well. Pretty soon she will begin to look for possible places to birth her kittens, so I suggest making 3-4 nesting boxes. I say 3-4 because they should be in different areas of your house so she can have an opportunity to choose a spot she feels comfortable in when the time comes. ( place plenty of warm blankets inside of it, and line the bottom heavily with a layer of plastic, then newspapers, then blankets. The nesting boxes generally should be in a more secluded and private area of your house, so as to avoid the traffic of family life. As her pregnancy progresses, you may notice her temperment may change....that is completely normal. Some cats become very clingy to their owner and do not like to be left alone...and some prefer to become less social and act suspecious of everyone....both behaviors are normal and should wear off after her kittens are delievered and nursed. Before she has her first litter, there are a few things you may want to pick up at the store just in the event that you may need to help her out: blankets, replacement milk...many ppl recomend KMR...but after years of fostering, I actually prefer to use Whiskas Cat Milk ( walmart, petco, and kroger all sell it on the petfood isle...sometimes u may have to ask for it.) I have found that formula to cause less gas and to be more gentle on a little kittens stomach, you will also need several droppers, I suggest getting various styles because one kitten may prefer one and another may prefer a different type, You will need a scale to weigh the kittens to make sure they are developing properly. (There are several threads on this website that have a pregnancy caleander and standard growth chart for kittens if you have any questions...i suggest prining on off and keeping it near you when the time comes. Also, you will want to purchase some gloves,lube, and a rectal thermomater....should a problem arise during labor or pre-labor, you will want to check the momma's temperature. Make sure the momma is always able to get to her water dish whenever she wants it...her dish should be very clean and always filled up, so she does not get dehydrated. Actually while i'm thinking of it, instead of writing anything else out...I have a huge amount of information typed up on my computer covering pregnancy, delivery, and kitten care....if you need any more information, i'd be happy to email it all to you. It covers pretty much every base i left off of here. Hope things go smoothly with your kitty's pregnancy.
Best of Luck,
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Just wondering? Has she been vaccinated? Was she vaccinated while pregnant? Some vaccines can cause birth defects so you may want to reconsider letting her have kittens if she was vaccinated while pregnant.
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I would stay with the KMR the kittens will need the nutritional supplements provided in the kitten formula that will not be in the cat's milk. I also would steer clear of Purina Kitten Chow and instead go towards either Iams, or Eukanuba. It would be to the better benefit of the mom- ideally putting her on Royal Canin's would be best- though their dry food is a bit pricey-
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Trixie had her rabies shot one month ago. The vet suggested we skip the shot she was to have had Thursday as it could be risky. What sorts of problems could the kittens have as a result of having been exposed to the rabies shot?
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Avoid any sort of "kitten chow" and buy a good quality food. The grocery store brands carry too many chemicals and substitutes for the meat that a better brand of food would have. Just avoid them all together, even for adult cats.
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We feed our expecting mothers Royal Canin Babycat - don't feed them an excessive amount, feed her more whilst she is nursing-

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