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Leaving TCS for a little while

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Hey everyone. I am having some minor surgery done tomorrow ( having my tubes tied, no more babies for this gal ). So, I won't be around again till probably after Thanksgiving.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Stay safe, eat lots, and be thankful for all you have!
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Just wanted to add, if any of you have had this done I'd sure like some info on how tough it is. My mom and my sister in law both had it done and had nothing but bad stuff to say. They both got really sick, and had a long recovery. Anyone else w/ any experience with this???
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I had my tubes tied the day after my son was born. The surgery was quick, I was awake the whole time, just frozen from the waist down. Although the nurse told me that I was to stay in bed and if the baby needed to be picked up to ring her and she would come get him, I was up walking around and carrying my son hours after the surgery. Probably not a very smart idea, but I'm stubborn. For me, there was very little pain and the only lasting effect is that my periods are more painful and I occasionally get pain in my lower abdomen that lasts a few days (that may be because I was too stubborn to rest like I was supposed to and I affected the scaring process) For me, it wasn't a horrible experience, but do realize there can be lasting after effects. Good luck
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Thanks Melissa, I've actually had two c-sections ( both my kids were delivered this way because they were big ). I also stayed awake for the c-sections, but I've decided to be put to sleep this time. I had a lot of trouble w/ the epidurals and I think it'll be easier.
I hope to be up and walking also right away, I did with both my kids deliveries and those are a lot worse than this I think!! I have two 10 inch scars!! So, I hope I can handle this itty bitty cut.
I am such a nervous wreck though, you'd never know I've delivered two kids!!!
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Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything turns out well and you're back on your feet in no time. I'll give you a call just to check-up on you.

Take care.


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I'm sure you'll do fine The incision is pretty tiny, I didn't even get stitches, they just 'taped' it together. I hope you have a speedy recovery
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Just wanted to wish you good luck and that prayers for a speedy recovery are on the way.

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Thanks for all of your well wishes. And Donna, I'll look forward to a phone call from ya!! I love to be pampered, even if its by phone for a TINY INCY BINCY surgery.
I plan on milking it w/ the hubby. After all, if it wasn't for him not wanting to get "snipped", I wouldn't have to do it at all. See ya all on Friday probably.
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I had mine done several years ago. It was not done right after giving birth, which I hear is a whole different thing. I was uncomfortable for a few days, and had a little bit of a time getting up and down. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't all that bad to get over. If you have a tolerance for pain medication or anesthesia, make sure you let your surgeon know. I have an extremely high tolerance and woke up after only one side was done. They could not give me any more and did the other one while I was awake. I found out later that this almost NEVER happens, just lucky me. Good luck to you and I hope I haven't scared you.
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I am sending good get well wishes your way!
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Oh Daniela, we will miss you! And I will be thinking about you, and hope everything goes smoothly.....you are very much loved here! Please let us know when you are feeling better!
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Dtolle!! All the best for the surgery!!! Your're so brave!! There is NO way I would volunteer for ANY kind of op!! Just make sure you don't overdo it though hun, my mother in law had it done about a year ago and took a long time to recover properly......but maybe thats because she was a bit older.. I don't know! Im sure you'll be fine! Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance!
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Please take care of yourself and get all the rest and pampering you need!
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no dishes tomorrow young lady!
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