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An E-Mail from Max's owners...  

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I recieved an email from Max's Mom. Anyone in the Sacramento, Ca area, please read and help if you can:

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your message, and kind words. Finally, the Suspect, Mr.James
Lacy, Sr. was arrested on 597-A P/C & 417-A1 . Please, I need letters to go
to the ADA handling the case : Ms Hilary Bagili
same address as posted on Max's website, we need requests that she not allow
this man to plead out to a lower charge.

He is a parole officer with the Ca youth authority, can carry a firearm,
so what on earth was he doing, trespassing on city property, with signs
posted by the city,
fences present & chained. With a golf club, two unleashed dog's & perhaps a

I strongly suspect that he has been provided with a courtesy he was not
entitled too, by being a member of "law enforcement".

He was finally arrested and released on Feb -13 -01, first hearing was Feb
It has been continued till March 14th, 01 AT 9:45 AM in courtroom # 8
AT the courthouse for the city of Sacramento.

At that time, on that day, I am planning a "Memorial Gathering" in Max's
honor. I
need help in spreading the word! Please if you know anyone in California,
Sacramento, or the Bay Area, please have them join us if they can. We need
all the support we can!

I can be reached by e-mail at DBALTRONS@AOL.COM, I am currently checking
on the permit.

Thank you again, I really appreciate your kindness!

Warmest Wishes,
Denice Baltrons
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I know of several people who could make this memorial.
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Denice emailed me and said go for it! Share this info. however you'd like. And if anyone can go to the crt. house that day, by all means, please do. I would if I weren't clear across the continent! Long live Max and may justice be served against this heartless :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: who did this!
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I totally agree!!!! And I had just e-mailed a letter to the mayor on that wbsite, before I read this thread...I hope that still does some good.
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Hi everyone, I'm closing this thread so as not to confuse people with too many Max threads. I'm leaving the other Max thread ope, as that was the one with the link. Please add other posts on the subject to that thread.

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