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Feeding the Munchkins!

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When I adopted Trixie and Tiger a month ago I was told by their owner they'd only eat Meow Mix Seafood something or other. So, I ran out and got it right away. But, then I did some research and started thinking it was not the best food they could be eating. I took them to the vet for check ups and shots (cause they'd never had either ) and he suggested one of the foods they have there. Of course, I'm at work now and can't for the life of me remember the brand..something or other CD. Anyway, I started introducing it gradually into their diets and they've had diarrhea ever since. I don't know if maybe they're just too used to the cheap food or what, but I'm not very impressed so far Any suggestions?
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ICk.. Meow Mix is an awful food... Hershey had a hard time with adjusting to a new food.. But after about a week the diarrhea went away. And now he's fine.. I think it'll just take time.. That's my opinion...
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since you're in ontario i'll guess the food you're vet suggested is either Medi-Cal or Science Diet. Medi-cal is good stuff but i can't for the life of me figure out why they recommend Science Diet. it has ingredients comparable to grocery stroe grade cat food. [i must admit to blindly following the rec and buying this food only to have to switch right after the first bad] anyway, it does take time to switch foods and from what i've read here and elsewhere, soft stool can be expected.
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You have to mix the new food with the old food gradually- really small amounts in the beginning of the new stuff and then over a week add more of the better quality food until they are eating that straight, or they will get digestive upset and diarrhea. Be sure they stay hydrated. Add pedialyte to their water and do the scruff test for dehydration. While they are on the floor, lightly pinch the scruff of their neck hold for a second, release. If the scruff folds down quickly, they are fine, but if it stays tented up get them to a vet. They need fluids bad.

MeowMix is not a good choice of foods. There is so much dye in that product, yet kitties really do crave it- my vet calls it junk food for kitties!
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I have been mixing it in with their regular food for 3 weeks now and we're only up to about 1/3 vet food. I'm hesitant to increase it more. The brand is Hill's Prescription Diet C/D.
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