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My new computer

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I am so excited, I have a new computer and it is faster and bigger than my old one. We are going to use my old computer as back-up and this new one will be my new toy. I love the flat panel screen monitor! Hubby and his friend built it for me-

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Oh it is so awesome MA! Enjoy!
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Looks great MA!!! Have lots of fun!
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Congrats on the new machine! Isn't it amazing when you get a new computer, and seeing how much faster it is, you sit and wonder if your last one was powered by a single hamster in a wheel?
post #5 of 26 problem is i soon want even more...more power, more speed,more memory, larger flat panel!!
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Awesome computer MA!!
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Mary Anne, I think the flat screen is the best.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop, and it has an amazing 15.4 inch widescreen monitor!

Believe it or not... this is my FIRST computer, and I'm totally in love with it!
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Oh i love it!!!!
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Nice!!! Isn't it great to have a flat panel monitor? They save so much space!
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look's good MA
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That looks bril! I am still on a on an old 'hamster wheel' one I'm afraid.
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hehe it loks awsome MA!
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Very posh! I love those flat screens!
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Cool new computer. I love the flat screen. I wish I had a flat screen monitor. The color's look very vivid on it.
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Prettie Good MA!!!! Excelent!!!
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Fantastic, MA! Enjoy your new toy!
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Great new computer MA
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Looks great, MA! Nice when your programmes start running again, instead of crawling, isn't it? (I've had good upgrades both in my office and at home in the last nine months or so, so I'm still appreciating that sensation! )
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That is awesome!!! I love to get a new computer. I got my new laptop last october. Love this thing.
I am so happy for you and it's even better that it was built from scratch!!!
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Congrats MA. It's always nice to get a new computer. As a matter of fact I just got my Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook yesterday and now I'm wireless. I can TCS any where in my house.
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Enjoy it!
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That is awesome Mary Anne, especially the flat panel monitor!!! Tell us the specs!!! What's the CPU speed? How much RAM? What size hard drive? What's your graphics card?
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Enjoy look s like a great set up .. I am looking into a laptop
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love the new computer!
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Woot! Its awesome! Congrats!
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