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Overweight Cat

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I have 2 cats, brother and sister, that are about 3 years old. I've grown up with cats all of my life, so I'm not concerned with the female who seems to be at a comfortable weight. The male is the one I'm concerned about. I think he weighs about 20+ pounds. He is a very large cat and also has long hair so he looks equal to a small dog. We used to joke about how his fur made him look very large, but now his body has caught up. Currently I use Purina Cat Chow, but I'm thinking about switching to something else. At the time being I live in a small place until June so I try to get him to exercise as much as possible. What else can I do for my cat?
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Maybe you could try a 'Light' formula cat food? I'm pretty sure Purina has a light dry food.
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I know it is tough to put 1 cat in a 2 cat house hold on a diet. Light food is an option - you might want to put the regular food for the girl at a place where he can't get to.

However a real reducing diet should be supervised by a Vet and the kitty should be check out by the Vet to make sure the weight gain is not caused by something else.

All the best to your babies
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A friend of mien uses "Purina One Reduced Calorie Formula" for his cat and he thinks shek's lost weight. He says she feels lighter.
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