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sorry for bothering again...
i survey the pedigree birman from a vet, and its expensif...
my boyfren call me to adopt a kitten from the pet shelther
but i m worry because domastic cats are normally very vocal...
is that true?
moreover domestic cats need alot of space to jump around...
but wat i can give him/her is juz a master bedroom with a bath room...
it's spacious but i worry it wont satisfied him/her
i read all those article and they say that birman cat are not vocal and they will suit my situation fine...

now my question is

1. are domastic cats very vocal?
2. will domastic cats satisfied with one-room-space?
3. is there any cheaper breed that is not vocal and can suit my situation?

i cant afford too expensif cats... i know american curl is adorable... but i as a student shudnt spend too much on getting a cat...

thx for kindly answering
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In my experience domestic cats of any type can be vocal or not, depending on their individual personality. Siamese cats of course are known for being vocal. Are you sure it is fair to ask any cat to live in a one room space? All cats need room to explore, even if they can look out a window. And kittens need to run around and jump and climb. Maybe it would be better to wait till you are no longer a student and able to have more room. If you are really determined to have a cat, then I think your boyfriend is right - why not go to a shelter and find an adult, or even elderly cat, that will want to sleep a lot and then you can ask and see for yourself whether it is a vocal cat or not. Some older cats can be great companions and are often difficult to find homes for, but it sounds as if that might be the thing for you. It is difficult to tell with kittens whether they will be loud or not as they grow.
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