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Educate Me Please!

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Since we often have discussions about breeds of cats on The Cat Site, I have been trying to learn their attributes.

When I go to the sites like the Cat Fancier's Association though, they are full of descriptions like "wedged face" "walnut eyes" "cobby body", "undercoats" etc. Is there a website or book that describes these features in a way that a newbie can understand them?

Also Vespacat mentioned that the Russian Blue is one of 6-7 "original breeds" and ever since I've been wondering 1. what an original breed is? and 2. what are the other 5-6?

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While I am not 100% certain this will answer your questions, there is a wonderful web site reference I can provide that will give you a very comprehensive listing of all the known cat breed names, there current status and a fairly good overall description.


This listing will not, however, describe the terms used in the descriptions. If you run across a few that you don't know, let me know and I will see if I can help.

Great questions by the way!

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Thank you, I added that site to my favorites.
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