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Movin' on up!

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Here are some pics that we took while we were moving/just after.

Hey..you CANNOT have my styling tools!!

Eventually even the most energetic of movers gets tuckered out.

Like momma like kitty

this one makes me a little sad....He's grown so much, look at him! look at how long his tail is!

Hello Mum

Gibby being...posessed.. on the porch!

Best Friends

Paige Being posessed

Headbanging Gibby

"I dont know what their major malfunction is...."

The Stand-Off

Kits behaving badly

Hello mum!

I feel pretty ..oh so pretty...
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Awesome pictures Denise!
Gib is so funny in the first one!
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Beatiful cats and I absolutely adore their coats!
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Oh what lovely pictures, Denise!
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Like momma like kitty

Awwww Denise their all brilliant! but this ones my favourite
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Awww thanks Susan!! I love all my kitties but Gibbies the only one that will let me cuddle when we nap.
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Lovely pics, your babies are adorable.
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Great pictures!!!
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Very cute pictures Denise!
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I love Gibbs tail what a beautiful color!! And Molly and Paige are also adorable
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