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Pooping on the Carpet....

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Hey, I have a problem with my cats going #2 on the carpet. Help would be appreciated. My 3 year old Elliot never went on the carpet, but when I got my kitten Aerowyn, she was 7 weeks and went in the space behind the Couch. Then he started doing it.. Blah. The living room is long, I've put stuff in the borders so they wont go in the corner.. nothing seems to work.. We've tried shampooing the carpet, sprays, pepper, spraying scented stuff on it, basically everything we can think of. We have three cats and two litter pans. My girl kitten uses the one in teh bathroom, my Male cat uses the one in the hallway, and my moms cat who is 18 uses whichever. I've tried the discipline thing, telling them they're bad when the go behidn the couch, and telling them they're good when they go in the potty. They dont go anywhere else in the house, unless I dont change their litter pan, then they go on my dirty clothes in my bathroom (Gross but my fault... ) So yeah.. any reccomendations? Oh... sometimes Eli Takes revenge poos behind the couch. Like when we tell him he's bad for doing something wrong.. he'll get snotty and poo behind the couch....
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You might want to try increasing the number of litter pans in the house. Every cat likes to have multiple options for places to go, and with only two pans all three are using the same two options. They may need more personal space.
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I'm thinking of emptying my closet and putting a pan in there.... They arent sick either, I read that fact sheet. I could also put one by the computer desk in my room.. not really any other place in the house to put one... My mom doesnt want one in the living room for obvious reasons... We bought a new pan a while ago with a lock down lid, because I have to change both pans and its annoying when the bag's everywhere, ew... The old one is in the garage, I think ill pull that out and put it in my room.
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Don't make a snap judgement that they aren't sick, because they very well could be. Only a vet will be able to rule out a health issue. Plus if you don't use a good enzyme cleaner for what you are trying to remove urine and poop the cats will return to the same spot and keep going and going and going. Multiple litter pans will help but please if you haven't taken your cat to the vet, do so and have the vet tell you there is no health issue.
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I read that you can pick up the cat right after they eat/drink and put them in the litterbox. You might try locking the kitten up in a room with the litterbox and some food and water, just don't put the food and water next to the litterbox. I have had problems with my cat Blue pooping on my carpet too, and that, in addition to litter change and a feliway plug in, has helped. Good luck!
The products i use to clean my carpet are:
nok-out spray
Nature's Miracle
after cleaning my carpet i spray citrus smelling sprays and feliway spray on it.
Hope this helps...
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Take kitty to vet and rule out any health issues.

You MUST get ride of the smell. I didn't have much success in this area with enzyme cleaners, but from what I've heard there are some good ones out there. Urine-off is supposed to be a good one but I never tried that one.

Buy Feliway spray and spray where you don't want him to poop. Follow the directions on the bottle - I think it's one or two squirts twice a day.
Buy some carpet runners -- those long clear plastic matts that you use to protect the carpet (like this). Put them in the area where he's been pooping. Some suggest to turn them with the nubby side up cause kitty won't like the way it feels on his paws.
Buy a 3rd little box. 2 isn't enough for 3 cats. Scoop them out each day.
and praise him TONS when he does what he is supposed to!

I had a kitty who was peeing outside the box for a while and the combination of Feliway and plastic matts broke him of the habit -- he stopped going on the carpet and never did it again.
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^_^ Ok thank you very much for the help! And about the vet thing, I know you say I should take them, but the thing is people dont know my cats like I do, Aerowyn is 9months and she doesnt go behind the couch as much anymore, elliot just goes most likely from the smell, and their stuff is normal looking. My mom's old cat goes behind the couch too, but its mostly because Elliot is a bit territorial which is probably the problem. I like the spray/mat/3rd potty idea. I did up the third bathroom earlier when I got home from school and I'll get my mom to buy some better cleaner stuff and mats. ^_^ They've both just recently had their shots and neither of them has worms, its just a bad habit I need to get them to break. Thanks again everyone!
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yeah you probably do know your cats best. i thought the same with my cat, but i thought it couldn't hurt to take him to the vet. ends up he had some crystals in his system that was making him poop and he associated the litter pan with pain when he pooped. It really doesn't hurt and it isn't so expensive, so i would definately go to the vet anyway.
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Yep what Amy says. Sometimes we don't know our cats as well as we should.
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