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Vibes :D

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My hubby starts Air Assault school tomorrow... he'll be learning how to repell out of helicopters!! Its a 2 week intensive course. They have an incredible obsticle course they need to complete as well as runs and a twelve mile road march with the 35 lb sacks on their back within 3 hours!!! Anyway best vibes for him that he makes it through with out a lot of bruises and gets his little wing pin thing.
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omg, that sounds so scary!!! Good luck and many vibes coming your way.
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Oh its NUTS what they have to do... I know I wouldn't be able to do it. One is called Stairway to Heaven.... its this huge ladder made with like tree trunks and each rung gets farther apart and they have to climb it up and back down!!!! Then another is called the Weaver and you need to weave in and out of the trunks ... pffft. NO WAY!!! And of COURSE its all high up... eeps!
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i am afraid of heights, so i know that job is definitely NOT for me. your hubby must be a brave guy! He is probably mega in shape too.

btw...did your friend ever take you to the gym (i know this is the wrong thread but I was curious )
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lol. no we didn't go to the gym. I ended up planting my cucumbers and cleaning the house really fast...

Hub is in pretty good shape. He eats like a horse too. Drives me insane.
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Lots of vibes going your husbands way! (His name is the same as my BF's)
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Sending (((((good vibes))))) Beth!
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Beth keep us posted on Air Assault training - my ex made it thru 2 tours!! (6 years for you civilian types - two-three year assignments) without EVER getting into AA school, so no wings for him (and he was PROUD of it )

Good luck to your hubby!!
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Sending lots of endurance and determination his way! Please do let us know how it's going for him once he's there!
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