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Swheat Scoop v. Feline Pine. Recommendations?

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I would like to try to switch to a "healthier" litter. I really like scoopable. I see that Feline pine now has a scoopable as well. Can anyone give me a comparison of the two? Which would you recommend and why?

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My aunt uses Swheat Scoop and is very happy with it. I did'nt care for it when I tried it. I thought it left a strange odor (the natural odor of the litter mixed with urine odor) and it stuck to the bottom of the boxes like cement at times. I loved Feline Pine when I've used it but my cats did'nt. I don't think they liked the feel of the large pellets. Thought the odor control was excellent and it never stuck to the bottom...seemed to keep dry very well. I did'nt realize they came out with a scoopable. I may give that a try sometime.
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A friend of mine just started using Swheat Scoop and she loves it (she was using Feline Pine I think, but not scoopable). She thinks it smells better. She also uses liners so that it doesn't stick to the bottom like I've heard other people complain about.

I've just started using Worlds Best Kitty Litter, which I am really liking, the main downside is it's a little $$. But it's scoopable and biodigradable.
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A lot of people alsi like World's Best, a corn based scoopable with very good odor control
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I started using Yesterdays News.. It sorta looks like feline pine, but it's made with recycled paper. The only stink is the poop you have to scoop it but the urine is absorbed, so far I've used it for 2 weeks I haven't changed it yet. It still doesn't smell, and still looks great as far as litter goes. Thought I would tell you all about this litter I think it's great because it's made with recycled paper.
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We use SwheatScoop mixed with a bit of World's Best and we spray the clean litter pan with Pam before putting in fresh litter. No sticky peepee and now bad smell.
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I use a litter called pa-purrrr and it is resonable, its paper, but it is in the small grainy form of the clay litters. It doesnt smell, and absorbs well, and I have had no trouble with it sticking. Cj seems to like it, he digs in it for 10 minutes at a time just to dig. It clumps so I can flush it. Overall, I like it. I found it a petsmart, a large bag for 8 bucks! (i am wanting to say 35 lbs.) It also is dustless, the clay litter would make him sneeze and his eyes water because of all the dust.
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