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Hi (again)

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I came and said hi to everyone a couple of months ago, and am posting again to give an update because I get my Bengal kitties in a few weeks!! The breeder has been keeping them for me until I move at the end of April. I'm getting so excited and will post pictures of them when I get them. One is a brown marble male, 2.5 years old, and the other is a blue spotted male kitten. They'll be a handful I'm sure, but I can't wait!!!
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Hi welcome back to the site, congrats on the kitties, can't wait to see pics.
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Welcome back! I bet you are about to burst waiting for the new additions!
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Hello, welcome back! Advanced congratulations! Can't wait to see the pictures!
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i love the look of begals! i can't wait to see your pictures. hurry!
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We're so glad you've returned! How exciting, your babies will be home with you soon!Sure do look forward to seeing alot of them in the future!
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Welcome back
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Hello and welcome back!!!

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Thanks everyone! I'm sooo excited to get them. I'm a little worried about how they'll get along one being a cat and the other a kitten, but they're together right now at the breeders loose in the house, so I'm sure it will be fine once they get settled in. I get to go buy all the kitty supplies now, which will be exciting too!
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Welcome back. Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful furbabies!
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hi and welcome to the site
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Welcome back to TCS!
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wow! that is so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures!!!
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we have a TON of bengal owners on board, i'm sure you'll be in great company!
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Oh, I am excited for you! Please post pics for us!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
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