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Aftercare for surgery.

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My Evan is finally home after being alone at the vet for the past day. I don't know if there are any special things I should do to better his healing.

He got neutered and he was a Cryptorchid, also he got some of his claws removed because he is double pawed.

I took down the keyboard from the stand because he was trying to jump up on top and fell already. I think I want to keep him in my bedroom for a few days so that he isnt running up and down the stairs. I got yesterdays news for his litter because the vet said no other kind. Someone at work told me that her cat wouldnt use the yesterdays news and went on the floor. I really hope he uses it. Right now he is knocked out on my bed. I have medicine for him that he takes 2 times a day.

Any other suggestions are needed . My baby is soooooo spoiled!

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sounds like you have things under control, Im sure special instructions would have been given to you by the vet if needed.
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Curious why you had him declawed just because he is a polydactyl? I have two of them, and they are wonderfully smart and enjoyable cats. Never been scratched by either one of them.
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Sadly, there are still some vets who will recommend declawing a poly ... *sigh* Since it is already done and I am certain you had what you felt were valid reasons, it sounds like you have everything in place for his proper care. Keeping him in your bedroom is a good idea I think - just watch him and have the vet's number in your speed dial in case he needs to go back in.

Hope he is feeling back to normal very, very soon. Let us know how it goes.

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The vet had told me that It could cause some problems if not taken care of. He hasnt been declawed fully. They only removed the claws from the extra digits.

I'm happy he is using the litter too ! woot
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My cats use yesterday news. When Bakker was neutered recently the vet gave me a check list and he did the exact opposite. I dropped him off before work and picked him up after work and he was raring to go 5 seconds after I opened the pet door. I don't think he knew what had happened. He's been a little demon ever since!!!!
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Evan is starting to act normal now. His belly is so cute. I think im gonna miss it when it comes back lol. He hates the meds though.
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