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Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!

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Whoooopeeee!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!!! I just wanted to say once again....HOOOOOORAH!!! ha ha ha, sorry I'll start making sense now ok?......My hubby just called and asked me if I would like a Tabbycat with white socks?!! OF COURSE!!! It turns out that where he is working at the moment a neighbour has this cat, but is abusing it, they have shut it out of the house for good, they don't EVER feed it or give it water, and when it meows to be let in someone comes out and actually KICKS it off the porch!!! It has no name, no collar, they don't even know what sex it is!! They think it is about 4 -5 years old but they don't want it anymore and thats pretty damn obvious! So tomorrow hubby is going to work armed with the cat carrier and is bringing the poor little baby home to me!!! YIPEEEEE!!! Im sooooooo excited!! Must get kitty treats on the way home tonight...... :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Another beautiful rescue!

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Thanks Bill!! (Got any sedative...Im getting a headache from all the excitement!! ha ha )
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who needs a sugar rush - you just had a cat rush. Congrats, I'm sure it will be a wonderful addition to your family
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I hope BodHubby (I love that nickname Bill!) is sucessful in catching the cat, sounds like the poor thing wants someone to take her in.

I have a name suggestion...Jubilee.

again... Yippee!
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I think the biggest treat that Kitty is going to get is being able to come home with you and get some well deserved love and affection.

Well done

Chee & Breeze
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Do me a favor. Tell your hubby to go to the owners' house and kick them in the butt and see how they feel!!!!! Throw them out in the rain and do not feed them!!!! And ring their necks. Way to go!!!!
Ask your husband if he knows of any single cat-loving friends he knows that can hook up with me. I am 28 years old.
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Your husband sounds like a real treasure. I'd hold onto him if I were you. Good luck with your new kitty.

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Congrats Bodlover!!

I know how exciting it is to bring home a new addition to the Fur Family The kitty is lucky to finally be going to a loving home!
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this is great news!

Bod-hubby ( love that too ) is a real sweetie-pie!
I am sending kitty capture prayers your way!

Yippee Skippee !!!!! (rabbit jumping for joy)
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You are SOOOOO lucky! A co-worker of mine has a lovely red tabby that I want so much. I would have a matched pair. What a sweetie your husband is to rescue that poor baby and bring it home to you.
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BodHubby (it's so cute!!!) sounds like he is really worth holding on to.

The people who have the cat now must have never wanted him in the first place if they couldn't even pick out a name or find out what sex the cat is. Strange!!!

Good luck!!
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I am so excited for you that you are getting that cat!!! Your hubby is an absolute sweetheart!!! (and so are you, of course!!) Let us know how it goes!!!
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How wonderful for you and the kitty!

Let us know when you get him home.

How kind Bodhubby is!
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Thanks everyone!! Tonights the night!! Is it time to go home from work yet?!! Pleeeease?!!! ha ha ha... Hubby trundled off thismorning - cat carrier in paw....(with a butt kicking look on his face!! ha ha ha)
Lorie D - I thought that was strange too!! Why get a cat if you're not even bothered enough to name the poor thing or find out if its a boy or a girl?!!
Seeing as I don't know what sex it is yet Im trying to think of "unisex" names.....so far I have....

Pippen and uh...thats about it!!! ha ha ha ha....any more?! Oh Cleo - don't worry Jubilee is in the running for a girls name!! ha ha ha

Well tonight it will be kisses and treats for everyone!! (especially hubby...heh heh heh :laughing2 )
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Ok people, Sorry to get you all excited there......I have just had a phone call from hubby to say he just went to collect the cat and the "owners" (scum bags in my opinion) have "changed their minds", yesterday they said they didn't want the cat and we could just "take the damn thing" but nooooo now they've had a change of heart and have decided they want to keep the cat.....soooo poor little no-name is stuck there. I wish we could just take the cat, but I guess thats wrong as its stealing (though it would be for the best..) but I may still report them to the RSPCA here, after all even if I can't have the kitty,-it doesn't mean its ok to let it live in that kind of place right?....
Hmmph...Im sooooo deflated right now......anyone got any chocolate?
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Oh you poor thing, that is so terrible, those people sound really awful, they probably get a kick out of neglecting (that is putting it mildly) kitty and then playing games with you. Don`t give up though! they obviously don`t love this cat, so just keep at it. And reporting them might not be a bad idea either...it is so hard, you poor thing...i don`t know what these people are like? if you told them that if they didn`t give you the cat you would report them, would that work? Hang in there Bodlover and Bodhubby, you have all of us behind you, sending you hugs and good wishes.

Chee & Breeze
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These people sound like sadistic control freaks to me!

I'd be tempted just to get sneaky :paranoid2: and take the poor cat!

oh yeah, I suggested Jubilee because of your last nem, but ya probably got that didn't ya?
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From what I see on "Animal Hospital" on the BBC, the RSPCA seem quite efficient. I hope they can come and get the cat out of these nasty people!
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I would definitely pursue turning them in, even at the risk of hubby's office/work relations. Abuse, animal or otherwise, in never appropriate and should not be tolerated (but of course, we here all know that already). Techhically, it is theft, but if the cat just "disappeared", would the abusers notice? The only concern then would be if they adopted another just to start over again. How much room do you have in that house, Bod?

Good will and blessings to you and hubby in your liberation efforts.

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Ok ~ here is my opinion. Go and snatch the cat! They have booted him outside - don't care and are just bullies. They will never even wonder what happened to the poor little creature - trust me, these kind never do.
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I say go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! They already told you that you could have the cat, so that is a verbal contract in my book...so go take it!!!!!!! Sneak in, and take it! They obviously care so little that they will probably not even notice it is gone. just go get it, and if they holler, or phone the police, tell them that they SAID you could have the cat!!! (and you don't remember them changing their pathetic minds)

Please let us know how it goes...you go get 'em girl!!!
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I agree, you should go get the cat. They won't know if he ran away or something happened to him. If you can't bring yourself to do that, you should definitely report them to whatever authority will take care of it. I am so sorry this happened. Some people are such scumbags!
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Does the cat go into the parking lot at hubby's work? Because once he's off their property, since I'm sure he has no tags, there's no way to be sure exactly whose cat he is, is there? :goodbad: And surely nobody would fault your hubby for taking in a poor stray cat he found in a car park?

My heart would be broken too. Poor little animal.
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Thanks everyone!! I would soooooooo like to just take the cat, believe me I would....but unfortunately hubby has now finished the job there so will not be going back (he's a plumbing and heating engineer you see so he is only there until the job is done)....sigh...but I'm still going to report them!! (ha ha ha RSPCA are gonna kick some butt!! ha ha ha)
But you know, something REALLY cool happened last night after I was feeling SO depressed. On the way home from work I was looking through a newspaper to see if there were any other kittys that needed a home, there was, so I phoned up and this woman is fostering 7 kittens that are 7 weeks old, someone took them all to the vets to be put down but the vet wouldn't do it and let this woman have them!! So I am going to collect a little baby tabby boy on Friday night! Hooorah!! This has all been arranged properly so I will DEFINATELY be getting him! BUT theres more...hee hee....when I got home I checked my emails and there was a message from a guy who posted on the site in the SOS forums a while ago about a MAine Coon cat that needed re-homing....sooooo guess what? Im having him too!!! Cool eh? We're going to pick him up on Saturday!! His name is Ash and he is about 6-7 years old, mostly grey with black and white bits! I should be getting a picture of him today sometime so when I do I'll post it for ya!! We think we're gonna call the baby tabby "Pip" (short for Pippen or Pipsqueak!) Im so glad I have been able to rescue these babies at least, though I feel awful for the other I am not able to have....poor little darlin.....still maybe one day (like sometime next week haa ha) we happen to be driving past where the cat lives and he just happens to jump in the car......you know....what could I do?!!!
Anyway I just wanted to share my new happiness with everyone!! I will keep trying to find a solution for the other little one, and I will let you know what happens when I report the owner!! Thanks for your support everyone!!

PS Cleo!! Duh!! No I didn't even think of that!! ha ha ha ha...Sorry a little slow on the uptake!! ha ha ha...and Bill, don't worry I have lots of room in my house!! You can still see carpet!!
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Thats lovely news about you giving a loving home to Pip and Ash, you must be so excited Bodlover

I,m so sorry to hear about the other little cat, aww poor little one, some people are so horrible.I feel the same, I would take him away from those terrible owners, he would have a very loving home with you Bodlover
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You re so lucky to be adopting two new kitties!!!

Hopefully, the RSPCA will find that poor abused cat a brand-new home very soon where he will be loved and well taken care of!!
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That is wonderful news about Pip and the Mine Coon too!!! I am thrilled about tht working out for you and wondered what ever happened

Follow your conscience with regards to the other little fellow - BUT if the spca can't do much - the kitty snatch vehicle could just do a 'drive-by' and........well you know!
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Thanks guys.... heh heh heh Deb... Im still "plotting" a rescue...dont' you worry...hee hee hee...sneaky eh?! I think I know someone who lives nearer than I do..maybe they will want a little baby....heh heh heh..
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You have a good heart Bod - have a wonderful kitty day for yourself and I cannot wait to see the pics of your new additions!
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