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i have been thinking about trapping my kittens dad.

bit of background: Maverick escaped over christmas before she got spayed, came back pregnant and had one kitten. she was spotted several times with a big grey cat, we saw him ourselves, and her kitten is black and grey so i'm assuming that he was the father.

he seemed stray rather than feral as though he was very, very scared he did not run away and responded to my talking softly to him. he also ate some food whilst i watched.

i would like to catch him and get him spayed and if possible re-home him. if i cannot keep him i have a friend that will take him.

my problem is catching him. he has never been near my house or garden so i cannot trap him there. he was seen around a block of flats near by where the owners let their cats out at night and feed them outside. i very much doubt i'd be able to leave a trap there undisturbed and if the local thugs saw a cat in a trap i dread to think what they would do to it.

is trapping him feasible or should i forget the idea? maybe i should leave food in my garden in the hope of attracting him? if he is someones pet i'd feel guilty but still have him neutered as if he impregnated my poor girl he's probably got kittens all over.

because there are so many cats around who do have owners it will probably be quite difficult to trap him as i'd imagine they will also get caught in traps.