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Serious good vibes needed!!!!!

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OK guys, I really need some moral support here. . .

I posted a while ago about my mom's cancer, and it appears now it may be gaining a foothold on her. She is now on permanent disability from work as of last Thurs, has lost 40 lbs in just over 6 months and is having difficulty breathing while walking around the house. One of the other nurses had Hospice come out and talk to Mom yesterday, "just to tell her what's available to her". I HATE that word hospice, and I can't stand to think that things have gotten that bad. I guess I'm still in denial, thinking "She's not THAT sick, really."

I thought she was doing so well while I was home for Spring Break, but I've talked to some of her co-workers and they say that was the best she's looked in months. Now I'm seriously contemplating withdrawing for the semester so I can move NOW instead of waiting until after finals. I can't concentrate on my classes now anyway - I've been avoiding them and trying not to think about mom, without success.

Any prayers you could spare for her, and good vibes for me, would be appreciated. I don't dare ask Mom because she wouldn't want me to give up on school, but I am beginning to think it's the only right thing to do! What do y'all think??
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Erica - I'm so sorry to read this and am sending all the good vibes I can muster for you and your mum

With regard to school - you must do what you feel best, you will know if the time is right to withdraw for this year. But, your school will deal with students who have obstacles that life has thrown in their way and will be able to help you with your decision. Please talk to your tutors or your school counselling service - they will advise you of the best thing to do and tell you what your options are. You may find that there are things they can do that you are not aware of.

Can you talk to the hospice nurse as well, then you may get an idea of where your mum's health is at the moment - which will aid you making your decision.

Sending you very best wishes Erica and keeping you in my thoughts.
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I'm sending vibes for the cancer to go into remission. I sent a prayer to God for a miracle.

I think you are right. You should put off school for awhile to be near your Mom and make sure she gets lots of love vibes. Love is very healing.
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Sending healing vibes your mom's way, I can really empathize, my mom has been dealing with breast cancer, we live over 3,000 miles apart.

I would have a frank talk with her, and do what your heart tells you is right for you to do now.

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I´m so sorry to heard that Erica... I´m spechless... my thoughts and my prayers to your mommie today....
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Sending lots of good vibes to your mom and to you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, I'm sending her lots of get well vibes. I'm sorry you are going through this.
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Rica, I'm so sorry to hear this latest development. If you want to bend and ear that understands, PM me.

I have to agree with Pat. Have a real heart to heart with you mom. Although I'm sure she would want you to stay in school...she also knows more of what her doctors are saying. And if she needs you, she will let you know. Right now, she feels very helpless. Her world and her body are not within her control. She's lost the control over her life of even being able to work. Let her feel like she has some control over this...even if you guide her to the decision in your heart.
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I'm sorry. I will pray that you and your mother can make it through this difficult time.
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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Cancer is a horrible thing---a few of my relatives have been stricken by it. Out of those, though, some have gotten better, so don't lose hope.

About school, if it were me, I would withdraw. There are always opportunities to go back and finish school, but you only have one mother. The decision would be simple for me...I'd be with your mom in this time, if I were you. Maybe, since the semester should be ending soon, maybe there is a way you can work it out with your teachers that you can stay at home and finish the semester by email or mail. ??? Just a thought.

God bless you and your mother. I will be praying for you both.
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Erica I am so sorry to hear about your mother my thoughts and prayers are with you ,although this is a decision you will have to make on your own,we are here for you.When my mother had her heart attack she died on the table for 3 mins then had triple bypass surgery( I was living in south carolina) I packed my bags immediatly and moved back home, I knew it was the right thing b/c time is so precious and once its gone you can't get it back.
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*sending you mega vibes*
My gran died 2 years ago from lung cancer, but she passed the breast cancer and bowel cancer.
I hope your mum will be okay
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I'm so sorry that you and your mom are going through this difficult time. Lots of healing vibes and prayers coming for you both.

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I'm really sorry to hear this Erica.

Lots of thoughts are heading your mums way from NZ!
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