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Meowing just wont stop

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My cat Joshua is driving me crazy. He meows constantly. And loud!

He's 1 1/2 years old, I got him from the humane society about 2 months ago. He has some separation anxiety issues and always wants attention (or food). And whenever he wants something, he meows.

He started doing that almost as soon as he moved in, and I have been doing my best to ignore him whenever he is meowing. It seemed to be working for a while. Then I had to leave town for a few days and when I came back, he started meowing constantly again.
Either he got anxious about me leaving or the people who were taking care of him while I was gone paid attention to his meowing (my fault... I should have told them not to)
Anyways, I keep ignoring him when he meows excessively but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

I am starting to get used to the noise (I guess he's the one training me) but at times it still drives me nuts.
Any suggestions?

Also, I know his previous owners had many cats... do you think he could be upset about being an only cat now? (he does have a bunny friend but she wont really play with him)
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Does he have any siamese in him perhaps?

If you don't mind another cat, I would definately get a playmate for him. Especially if he came from a home with other cats. I betcha this would solve the problem!
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Yes, Playmates definitely. It improves their excersice also, unless you get a second lazy cat! Both of my cats are extremely vocal, and my kitten expecially likes to meow early in the morning. I find that playing with them for about a half hour or so a day decreases their meowing because they feel you have spent time with them, and also they will be physically more tired. I try to take my cats outside (on their leashes) at least every other day if not every day. My kitten loves to climb trees ( Only the short baby trees of course) and she zooms all around outside, playing with her "squirrel" which is just a retractable leash with a grey hairy strip of furry fabric tied onto it. Excercise really does help them plus it makes them healthier. Some cats are just really vocal though and theres not too much you can do about it.

Sometimes cats just have these weird quirks, like some cats will scrape endlessly at litter pans and on the walls, jump up the walls, zoom around the house, ect.
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I'd look into rescue remedies to calm him down. If you go to www.meowhoo.com and look under Behavior and Training you will see a listing for Spirit Essence. If you contact them they will make up a special remedy just for your kitty=
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