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crying cat- please help

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Maverick has been crying ever since we got back from the vets arond 6ish. its now 22.30

she's like this everytime we get back and is inconsolable.

the only thing that sometimes works is carrying her around and rocking her but she'll only let me do that for a minute or two.

feeding her, playing, stroking, trying to sit quietly doesnt work.

do i ignore her? any ideas on how to comfort her or whats wrong?

i'm going to by some feliway for future use but need an answer for no if possible. going out of my mind!
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What she been to the vet for Nicky?
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she has polyps (spell?) on her eye that the vet wont remove until she's spayed. it means she gets reccureent conjunctavitis.

maybe the eye drops hurt her? but she doesnt cry when we do them at home.
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Oh i didn't know that?!. I wonder if the smells etc.. of the vets has upset her because lets face it theres not many like going to the V-E-T's.

It has to be if you think about it because you say she's like this everytime she goes

Just sit with her as much as possible and talk to her and that should calm her
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my cat-hating dad has sat with her most of the night! lol. she's a bit calmer now.

the funny thing is last time we went when the kitten was sick she was ok but maybe because she didnt get prodded that time?

she doesnt want to sit with me! lol. she wants to sit by the front door. i'm taking my duvet and laptop downstairs to sit in the drafty hall with her now and finish my essay!

i never have these problems with the goldfish!
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She may not have wanted to be with you because you took her to "that nasty place!" so she's in a huff

This is why i won't hold mine when they give them their injections.

Maverick will come round once you've fussed over her and begged her to forgive you
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she slept most of the night then cried all this morning from about 5. she's so strange, she wanted me to go with her but for us both to sit by the front door! lol.

now everyones annoyed because no-one cold sleep past 5 except me who's used to it!
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Awwwww bless her She seems ok apart from that though?!
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Is she in heat?????????? What was the visit for at the vet????????????
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the visit was for eye drops. she isnt in heat but i bet she soon will be becase my vet wont spay her for another 6 weeks atleast

susan- yes shes fine now. she's just about forgiven me for the vets visit!
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