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Question for breeders.

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At what point in a cats pregnancy does there belly start swelling to where it is obvious they are prego?

2 weeks, 4 weeks?

I am not a breeder just trying to figure out how far along my kitty is, figured a breeder could answer this.
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You know, It's different with every cat so that really isn't a good way to tell.
You can check her nipples and see if they are good and pink (sometimes puffed a bit), that will tell you that she's at least 21 days or so. The very best way to tell.... Take her to the Vet. While there isn't any kind of pregnancy test for cats, the vet might be able to tell you a rough idea by feeling her. A better way is to have an X-ray (cheapest) or an ultrasound (most expensive). If it were me, I'd just go with a really really good vet and his/her feeling after an exam.
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I agree with Ken on this one....my female has always pinked up so she has never had to go to the vet to be palpated. She has gone though for prenatal check-ups....she is such a good momma.

Please let us know what you discover.

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well i know shes very very prego can take her to the vet, I'm just trying to figure out if shes due sometime this week or later. she shown visual signs(big nipples and very swollen belly since march 5th. we felt babies movement soon after and for the last week she has had a clear discharge and her vaginal opening is open and puffy. she will lay on her back and will let you rub her belly but she will not let you pick her up. I was trying to get an idea of a due date by her first visual sigs since I have no idea when she mated.
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