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Yes, the placenta will be expelled so you won't have to do anything on the mother's end. Each kitty has his own placenta.

Do you have a heating pad to keep the babies warm? Put it on low and while momma is still having kittens put them on there to keep them warm.

Good Luck....I will be awaiting your next update!
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Sorry the updates are long in coming and the wait.... no kittens yet. She's back in her box, when she's way in the back makes it hard to see anything. But I heard her digging around. She's still going in and out and has made a few more uneventful trips to the litter box. Anyway.... hubby sleeping on the couch. I'm heading back up now. Getting way tired myself. Maybe I'll try to get in a few 'cat naps' myself
Hopefully will have some announcements to make by dawn!
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Wow, I've been following this thread and another Momcat is giving birth soon! Willow is such a pretty color.

Marianjela, do you have time for another hypothetical genetics question? If Punky, a tortie, were to mate with a brown tabby having white paws and a white neck, what colors would the kittens be? If anyone knows what a "torbie," is, please explain, Is it a tortoise shell pattern striped cat?

You may have read some of my posts describing "shed cat," a very feral cat that must live by the back shed. I happened to spot it with my binoculars today and I can't tell if this cat is male or female. As far as I know, I have never heard a cat in heat outside, nor do I see any male plumbing on this cat, so I'm totally clueless about its gender. Its paws look large, but that could just be because they are white, and the cat does look kind of chubby or plump. It has a very cute face and small ears. I hope this cat isn't pregnant!

Please keep us updated on the birth and new kittens.
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Look at that big tummy!! ... WOW!! ..

* tummy rubs*
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It's a boy!!!! and a ? and a boy and a girl!

Dont know if we're done yet... but mama's resting with her babes. I took LOTS of pics. They're so darn cute! And WOW! What an experience! Never seen anything like it.

I avent really sexed any of them but,

#1 -- red, assuming boy
#2 -- looks all black??? with a tiny bit of white on head. but may have have orange that I cant see yet?
#3 -- another orange, I wondered how the heck I would tell them apart, but this one is a tad darker... plus this one was born without his sack . his umbilicord ripped. Mama had her tail end in the air and he just slid out and plunked in the box. his cord ripped. After mama cleaned him up I noticed blood in the kitten corner and tied his cord off. Called hubby on the monitor to help - what a wakening for him
#4 seems all black with a little white and red around one eye

I never seen the sac from #3 come out, so I was watching her close... didnt notice if it came out with 4.

Oh! I hear her calling! Hubbies up there now, but he's sleeping. I'll post pics and details later!
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Originally Posted by Marianjela
It's a boy!!!! and a ? and a boy and a girl!
Oh How exciting for you!! Congrats!!
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Ok - false alarm, I dont think it was her calling. Maybe my mind playing tricks on me, or the TV.. hubby left it on when he fell asleep on the couch.

So, right after I posted last night, I went back up with Willow and went to sleep. I was up the night before with Willow for a bit rubbing tummies, so didnt get much sleep then. Which is why I didnt go to work yesterday. But NOT what I told them - LOL - I couldnt imagine the ribbing I'd get if they knew I stayed home cuz of my cat! I'm a design engineer and work with a bunch of guys... yeah, not exactly cat people. And I know that's not the rule or the exception. But it just so happens that way...

Anyway, around 2 this morning, I woke up to Willow scratching around in her box. Shortly after that she jumped upon the bed with me. I noticed she was having a WAY lot of discharge now. And if I thought it was discharge earlier, this was unmistakable. Without all the boringness, she delivered #1 at 3:25. It was perfect. She had been digging around in her covered box, but happened to lean against the one side and it tipped over. (I had lifted it earlier to see what was going on and when I put it back it wasnt snug with the bottom) Anyway, it worked out perfect, cuz she still had her box and her shelter, and I could see. Which I'm glad I was there! It was funny because after #1 was born she walked in circles to find him he looks EXACTLY like her. Blends in well!

#2 came WAY fast. Born ten minutes later at 3:35. This is the [seemingly] black one with the tiny strip on the top of his head.

#3 didnt come until 4:05 and he just plopped on out. Like I said, his cord seemed to rip, and one of the reasons I was there for her. After she got him all cleaned up I moved him onto the kitten side (with the heating pad) and after a bit of him scooting around, I noticed blood where he was laying. So paged hubby on the intercom and he came up to help me tie it off. The little bugger was so squirly I could tie the thread while holding him! Number 3 may have a TINY bit of white... kinda hard to tell, but it looks a little light in a spot on his shoulder.

#4 was born at 4:53. She didnt lick his face right away, so I wiped it clean for her. Also she didnt sever his cord. I'm not sure if she birthed her placenta all the way with this one until after. I waited a good bit, then when she was cleaning herself off, I tied it off and cut it. After that she did eat the placenta.

There ya have it! So I'm pretty sure with the tiny bit of red I can see with the white around #4's eye, that she's a girl. And I'm pretty sure the two orange are boys. #2 has me stumped. I cant wait til morning - morning to get a better look at him/her to see if I see any red.

I have posted in another thread about my concern of whether or not Willow was a homo-red, as she has that tiny pea-sized black spot between her shoulder blades.

#1 is a PIG - nursing, nursing, nursing. The other's arent very good trackers yet

Anyway --- I'm so tired now But cant fall asleep. Gotta get my kids up for school here in a bit, and call off myself , cuz there is no way I'm making it through this day on 3 hours rest... not at work anyway.

Willow is still in her birthbox with her kiddies (hehehe - kitties ) I'm going to wait to move her a little while. I think maybe she's done (I have felt her tummy on the one side, dont feel anything, but she still looks big Dont tell her I told you that ) ...but just in case, she seems content for now.

Oh, I forgot to mention, #3 seems to have mackeral tabby stripes. Willow doesnt show tabby on her body, only on her extremities. I havent noticed any on #1 - the pig.

The wait it over! Yeah!!!!!!
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Awwww....they're so sweet! Poor mama is pooped...and Willow too
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How are Willow and the kittens? I was looking on google to see if I could find the gestation period for ducks and ran across this site. (Never did find the answser to my question, but this is even better!) I have experienced the birth of many litters of kittens and each and every one amazes me! Keep us posted!
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OK -- two orange [boys], two calies/torties) [girls]

#2 does have orange on her face. I have pics!

#1 -- the girls have already dubbed this little piggy, Wilbur!

#2 -- with the wee bit of orange

#3 -- have to call this one Nacho!

#4 -- the girls' favorite, and the one I helped birth!

The wait is over! Yeah!!!
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OMG they're ADORABLE!!!
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Originally Posted by moxymom
Awwww....they're so sweet! Poor mama is pooped...and Willow too
Oh yes I am but I'm a proud-pooped

Girls are getting ready to leave for school now, but boys will be up soon I'm sure... oh well. Hubby is home today, I'll have to sneak a nap in with Willow and the kits later

The wait is over! Yeah!!!!!
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They are adorable! How do you post pictures?
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Way to go Willow... geeze she still looks big in her tummy in that pic WOW!!

awliston ~ duck gestation .. like egg formation or incubation? For the Egg formation about 24 hours and for incubation it is 28 days in most duck breeds
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Dawwwwww they is soo cute .. Darn it i want kittens here too !! .. i have to wait still .. WAHHHH .. May 8-12 or there about .....Delilah baby is getting tubby in her tummy.
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Originally Posted by qtkitty
Way to go Willow... geeze she still looks big in her tummy in that pic WOW!!
I thought so too, but I dont feel any hardness, and I just took up a can of food - she's ravenous!!!!! Left the kits in a hurry! Took the oportunity to switch out nests while she's eating. I'm home for the day, so I'll be keeping a close eye on her!
The wait is over! Yeah!!!
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Thank you qykitty for the duck gestation answer. I live near a creek and last June my husband and I "adopted" a Mother duck and her six ducklings. Well, to make a long story short, all but one of the ducklings have died over the past ten months. Mom has had a long haul too -- she had a fishing line wrapped around her foot and after several attempts to remove it, all we could do was to keep cutting it so she didn't get it wrapped around anything. I called the DNR and they said they couldn't help her because she actually is a farm duck and not a wild duck. Go figure!?! A few weeks ago while feeding her, I noticed her foot was black. I told my husband it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't ready to fall off. Well, a few days later when I went back to feed her, it had fallen off and all that is there now is a stump. She gets along fine and actually looks better than she has in weeks. I guess all the infection is out of her body now. Anyway, she has moved up the creek to where there are other ducks and I was thinking maybe it was duck mating time and she was looking for a mate. If so, I wanted to know how long it would be before I shold look for her and her new ducklings.
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Oh! How exciting for you and Willow! Sorry I didn't see sooner, last night. I was tedning to AL, so, I didn't see this thread... shoot, I didn't see the computer! Congrats to you and Willow, and the five ADORABLE kitties!
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YEAH Willow!!!-And mom! That is awesome...I have been following this thread for awhile and I am so happy to get the good news.

The kittens are ADORABLE!!!

Now I can't wait for my little ones to arrive the end of next week!
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Yay Willow!!!!
What beautiful little babies!!!
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
Oh! How exciting for you and Willow! Sorry I didn't see sooner, last night. I was tedning to AL, so, I didn't see this thread... shoot, I didn't see the computer! Congrats to you and Willow, and the five ADORABLE kitties!
Thanks Cassie! And how is little AL doing? And did you ever say what AL stood for, is it an acronym for something?
And how 'bout little Porky? How's she doing? Sorry if you posted this in your thread, but I havent gotten around to checking myself since all this started yesterday. Actually, the last thread I was reading about was about Cloe... I gotta catch up.
So you have a Porky, and we have a Wilbur. #1 was born and has been eating ever since If his siblings have trouble rooting around, he does not! So the kids dubbed him Wilbur this morning. Then I named the left-over red-boy Nacho And as clever as Nacho Cat is, we dont know which one we're going to keep yet. THe kids want to keep them all! Ha! Funny -- they dont want to clean the litter for 5 cats though... speaking of which. Willow only had 4 kits. 2 red [assumably] boys, and 2 tortie/cali's. I was looking after them a little bit ago as Willow struted her stuff though the house, and noticed more red in the girls. I suppose as they grow it will become more prominant. #1, Wilbur, is a clone of his mama! Color down to a 'T'. And I swear he even looks softer and fluffier than the other red, Nacho.
Willow has eaten, so despite her big-ole tummy still, I'm doubtful she will be presenting with more. Even though I never thought that girl was going to quit eating, she actually did not eat after 4 o'clock Tuesday morning. Oh yes, I was awake, I know this... anyway #1 was born 3:25, nearly 24 hours later. Funny how they time stuff huh?
Oh well, I needed a 2-day vacation....
Willow's been really good with everyone. My hubby was scared to come in our room this morning. He did end up going to work BTW. Anyway, as he was getting ready, Willow decided to eat some more and as she was getting out of her new nest, one of the girls hung on for dear life and ended up on the floor outside the nest. She just looked at DH like, "are ya gonna help me or what?" Too funny.
Or maybe it's lack of sleep talking...
Better do some catching up I guess.
The wait is over! Yeah!!!
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AL is okay. We are taking him to the vet today. He is not eating on his own. AL stands for albino... because he's white. I dunno... kinda fit. Porky stands for... well... I don't need to explian, do I? LOL! Anyway, I'm glad to hear about your healthy babies! Congrats to Willow!

AL and Porky Pics
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what gorgeous lil babies. they are sooooo sweet. congratulations
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Well done little miss Willow!!!

Thanks for posting the pics. I just caught this thread and read it from start to finish... I could feel myself getting excited!!! lol
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wow glad things went ok for you in the end
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Wonderful Willow! So glad it all went well, and the kits look absolutely fantastically lovely.
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Awww, they are just too adorable!!!! Yea willow!!! Thanks for the updates and pics!! I am so happy for you.
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Congrats on the new kittens. I am so glad willow is doing well.
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Originally Posted by Lindsay_21
Congrats on the new kittens. I am so glad willow is doing well.
Oh Lindsay thank you. I have been watching your thread closely as well, hope you find help for Cleo soon and that all is well! I sure am glad that we have this site!
The wait is over! Yeah!!!!!
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Originally Posted by gailail
wow glad things went ok for you in the end
Thanks Gailail! How's your Bonnie doing? Still hanging in there??
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