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URGENT!! Cat fight!!

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Help help help!....

I fostered a cat a few weeks agooand as he is toobe re homed i have not introduced him to my cats at all. This after noon i brought him out of the guest room and took him to my room for a few hours and then i put him back in his room.

I checked first to see if my cats were in his room (usually i keep the door closed but today for some reason i left his door open while he was out)... Then i put him in his room and closed the door.

One of my cats must have been hiding under the bed because as soon as i was half wau down the stairs there was this terrible brawl going on upstairs. Anyway, i went to get my cat out and rescued her... But the thing is that now she's so petrified she won't let me near her... I'm so worried that she may have been bitten or something. She has never been in a cat fight before. she is an indoor only cat!!

I'm so worried. She's hissing and her pupils are dilated. Ever time i get near her she makes this low grumbling noise...

I've never seen her like this before!!

The vet is closed so i have no one to call for help as there is no help line here...
I'm so worried!!
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Make certain all the cats are in their respective closed off areas and are safe. Then just let the one hissing and growling at you decompress a bit by herself. She will be fine in a short while and then you can examine her more closely for wounds. Do not try to touch her when she is still upset or you will also be examining your own wounds.

Let us know how it goes, OK?

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Ok they are all separate... she on top of a bookcase in the kitchen. What about my other 2 cats. They are all best friends usually but she is also hissing at them [and me] like a banshee. Should i keep them out of the way too?

I really hope this hasn't emotionally scarred her for life or anything....
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Let the normal activity of the house be your guide ... if she is normally around the other cats, then allow her to be so now, but if she looks aggressive or in any other way tries to go for the others, then put her in a dark, quiet room by herself with her litter pan, food and water. Leave her there for several hours by herself and do not go in to check on her or in any other way disturb her. She will be OK.
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i've read stories like yours before.. it's just 'redirected agression'... let her vent, relax by herself and i'm sure she will be back to normal in less than a day
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She should be fine. She's probably just scared. I normally bring in fosters to my house and cage them in my livingroom to get used to each other (my boys and the fosters). This brings on a lot of howling and hissing and growling but they do settle down. As gayef mentioned, don't try to move her unless she has calmed down. You will get bitten--not because she sees you as a threat, but because she's not thinking rationally. She'd probably realize that she did it *after* it happened, that won't help with the bite.
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I agree with leaving her alone, keep her room dark and quiet and keep the others away. You stay away as well or you will likely get bit. Her room has been invaded by an alien smell, if you have some feliway spray you can go in there and spray that around, but leave her be.

Later tonight, go into the room and just sit on the floor, do not make eye contact with the cat just sit there and talk softly to her. If she has been bit, you won't find it easily right now anyway. Cat bites are difficult to locate-
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Thanks guys.... She was letting me stroke her almost immeadiately after wards even though she was all the while making this terrible grumbling noise... And naturally inspite of her petrification she was not too petrified to turn down a plate of warm boiled chicken and carrots. She wolfed that down from atop the bookcase growling even while she was chewing!!

It sounded like she was tryin to say Yum Yum in a growl... i had to remind myself not to laugh. Anyway, i carried her down and took her upstairs to my bedroom where she usually feels the safest. Having not read any of these posts i went in a few times, and handled her... put her on my lap. She let me, inspite of all the hissing and growling i think she still wanted a hug.

Anyway, she is still grumbling a lot. I completely forgot about the feliway spray. I'll go and use some of that now.

In any case she is now in the bed room and shall be there by herself for a while.

How will iiknow if she has been bitten? There were a few clumps of fur where the brawl took place. And i think she was so scared she peed so i had to wipe up too. Thank goodness the guest bed room is not carpeted.
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Wait until tomorrow when she is calmer. If you didn't notice any gaping wounds the bite wounds generally show under the shoulders, the base of the tail, the neck or the throat. While she is at rest take your hand, palm side down and pass it slowly over her whole body just inches above her hair. You don't want to touch her, you just want to pass your hand over her. You are looking for hot spots to come up and meet your hand. If you find there is a heat rising, then slowly and carefully lower you hand over the heat, find the most intense spot, and carefully part the fur. You will then see the bite wound or puncture mark. Clip the fur over it with bandage scissors, wash it with betadine and apply an antibiotic ointment- just a little bit. Watch it carefully for a few days to see if it festers- if it does she needs a vet and antibiotics
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Hmm... If i notice anything i'm taking her straight to the vet before anything happens. I know how fast these things can turn into an abcess.

But i will wait till tomorrow to check anyway. I have a rough idea of where i need to look. Judging from the way the fur was scattered and where i found her i think if anything happened it would have been on her right lower thigh. I also have a feeling that if anything she may have been scratched... and not bitten.

It seems to fast for there to have been a bite... i could be wrong though. I've never had such a bad fight happen to my cats before. They are only used to rough housing. This was a real first for all of us.
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[quote=RarePuss]i've read stories like yours before.. it's just 'redirected agression'... let her vent, relax by herself and i'm sure she will be back to normal in less than a day [/QUOTE
Yep! Mine took a little longer, but with patience it all blew over in a couple days. I just went on about my daily thing, ignoring them or speaking soft words every now & then, letting them come to me when they were ready.
It sure is freaky, isn't it?
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do i need to worry about fiv? the foster cat is fiv +
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