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Soft biting ok?

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Another question. It will be quick, I promise

Lovey will have his cuddling session and stick his head into the crook of my elbow, and loves to be skritched and petted. If I stop, he pats my face gently. Its very cute

But at the "end" of the session, even if I am not petting him (as i thought it might be overstimulation), he will reach over and take my wrist or arm in his mouth gently and just bite soft. I then just give a high shriek (is that correct?) and lift him off my lap and onto floor.

Is this ok? Or should I be doing something else? From what I have read, it could be overstimulation? I have begun to stop petting him and just allow him to snuggle due to this..The thing is, it doesn't hurt so sometimes I just give a yip and then let him stay there...
Is there something else I should be doing? Why does he do this?
I used to feel dejected but have learned not to feel that way.

ok, not so so short...

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When I first got Guin he was a biter but it never really hurt. I used to make sure to hold my hand still so that he would stop biting. His biting is very rare now, but as you say, I think sometimes if he is over stimulated he will bite me. I call them love bites as he has never drawn blood! lol
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Yes, you are doing the right thing. Biting should never be acceptable, because not stopped when they are young, they get rougher as they grow up. I have one cat that loves to bite us after we pet him. We simply remove ourselves from his presence until he calms down and as we leave, he swats at us with his claws. He misses, but he tries!
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My cat Snickers give love bites. They're more like gentle nibbles than bites! He does it very early in the morning when he wants attention (which he always gets) and when he's being brushed. He prefers noses & cheeks but he'll nibble on hands.

Zorro gives killer bites. He draws blood! Even when he's all purring and loving and kneading, and if you are petting his neck and his eyes are rolled back from joy... he will reach out and bite and not let go til there is blood.

Either way, I think the bites are different... Snicky does it cuz he's loving & it's like giving kisses and Zorro does it cuz he's somewhat bi-polar! I think he is loving one minute and nutty the next.
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I notice that my little kittens soft bite me sometimes. I was told that you sholud train them not to do it by leaving your finger there and gently blowing them in the face immediately after they bite it or saying 'NO' and moving away. If you remove your hand quickly, they will think you are playing games with them and will continue to do it. So far, the method hasnt worked but im assuming it takes time.
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