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Ugh! Stupid internet!

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Ok, we have cable internet and for the past week I think dial up would have been better!
Our internet has been down more than it's been on, like yesterday it went out early in the morning and was back up again last evening for about 10 minutes, then off again...it's so annoying...I'm losing out on alot of TCS time! It's not just us though, one of my brothers and some of my nephews friends who has the same internet service is having the same problem. So if anyone noticed that's why I haven't been on all too much this past week.

Just had to whine, thanks for listening!
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If it is just an intermittent problem caused by perhaps some repairing or construction then service should improve soon. But if it is because the provider is selling the service to too many people in the area without upgrading then that could be a big problem. This is especially so for cable since everyone in the area shares that cable and if everyone uses it then it becomes slow. Just think of it like a road where you can drive fast if you are the only car but if it is all jammed up then it is not going to be that helpful. DSL usually allows for a more fixed rate as compared to cable even though technically the problem of too many users affecting cable could also affect DSL but it is rare.

You could always call customer service or check their website. Sometimes they will tell you about some maintenance in progress.
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yeah we have a lot of construction by our apartment complex so the cable goes out a lot!! Last week it went out for almost 48 hours without coming back on and I was so mad. luckily, we just got an email saying they were doing some upgrades, so hopefully the problem was fixed.
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i hate problems like this!
I ring up and their ears if my internet isnt back on with in 10 minutes.
Luckly though Telecom only does upgrades in the night times when MOST people sleep
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Actually I had the same problem when I first got my cable internet and wound up calling the help desk. Technical problems make me want crazy . However after they go whatever the problem was fixed I haven't had any further problems and that was a few years ago so maybe it's just temporary.
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Yeah, I hope it's a temporary thing. We've had this internet provider for a few years now. They've had bad spells before but nothing like this.
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