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Camera Help Please!!!

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I am going to buy a digital camera. There are so many out there...I am going nuts reading reviews & trying to decide which one to get. All of you have great pictures of your furbabies posted.
What kind of digital camera do you use to take pictures of your cats?
Do you like it?
I can use any tips & ideas about a camera you have.

Thanks for your help.
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I have a Kodak EasyShare.

Brandon has a better (and more expensive) camera but I am not sure of the name I will find out though.

I like my Kodak because it is really simple to use, and I don't need anything fancy as I only take general pics I also have the Dock for charging it and uploading pics easier.

I can use the Auto settings or use a pre-defined setting depending on the situation. Also you can manually adjust everything but I don't bother with that.

All in all its a good little camera but on the pricey side.

Edit to add: I should tell you what model mine is I guess
Its a Kodak EasyShare 6.1 Megapix
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I take most of my pictures with a HP 320, but I don't know if you can find them anymore.
I have an HP 812 but it EATS batteries and the flash isn't working anymore.
Don't know why

I've got a friend who has an Fuji 6.0 megapix and it takes AMAZING photos, I'm going to buy one-SOON with the MOSTER memory card because hey, my cats are worth it and I do a lot of photos for the internet.

When you're considering a digital camera, the first thing you have to do is figure out what you what to take pictures of. Do you want to take snapshots or are you really "into" taking good pictures?
If you want a camera for just every day snapshots, you can stick with a 3megapix.

If you're going to get serious with pictures, you need to have a 5megapix or better.

The next thing you must consider is how much are you willing to pay? This is an important consideration as you might end up spending more than what you intended and then suffer from shoppers remorse-as I do regularly.
But on the bright side, since the wife split, I don't get those saddle marks on my backside like I use to

For my own shopping, I like to use the website Circuit City has and look at the cameras there. They have useful reviews of the products and in many cases, they are helpful.

Cameras are like C.B. radios, trucks, girlfriends and cats......
You can spend all the money you want on them and rarely are anything but the cats worth it.
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Check out both the review sites. I recall people saying that pixels is not the be all and end all and a camera with higher megapix could end up with lower quality than another camera with lower pixel.

BEWARE of purchasing sony cameras for it is akin to purchasing Lexmark printers. Sony Cameras while quite a good brans unfortunately only allows Sony memory stick to be used which COSTS so much more than your normal generic memory used by the rest of the non-sony cameras.

Think of:
1) Cost
2) Size and weight of camera
3) Zoom: Optical or/and digital
4) Megapixels: 4-5 mega for your daily use. 7-10 semi pro 10+ for those pro
5) Image stabilisation: Important as you run round chasing the cat
6) Movie: I think most new digital cameras have movie capability the only difference is the length of each clip
7) View finder: Do you need it?
8) LCD screen size
9) Others: Boot up time, ease of use - These you have to personally experience at the shop

PS: One final point in case you do not already know, in most cases the price you see displayed for the camera is not the price to pay for you can usually get the price down. And especially for places that do not list the price of the camera. This may be harder for very new models (out for a few months) since the price is usually the same. One good trick is to create a nice table with 1) Price 2) Location of Shop 3) Freebies and go round the shops to take note of the prices. Then I discovered this accidently, go into a shop with one of the lower prices and actually ask the salesperson how much it cost and take out your price list and compare in front of the person. Sometimes saying hmmm Shop XYZ sells it at a cheaper price. You could ask them to match or leave and many times the saleperson will either match or sometimes go lower. OR if they only match you could tell them "oh no, I promise this other shop I would go back if I cannot find any cheaper" and sometimes they will lower it. It does not always work but if it does... Note this usually works for smaller shops or even larger ones where perhaps people are paid by commission.
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I have a Canon Powershot A70 and I totally LOVE it! I have had it about a year and it is a great camera. Wasn't that expensive either.
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Steve's website is a good resource.
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so much everyone for your feedback about digital cameras. I want the camera to take picture of my cats. After joining TCS & seeing all of the creative, fun pictures of your furbabies...I want to play too.
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I'm currently using an HP735 -- very friendly, uses the generic SD memory card, 3.2 megapixels, produces some quite nice stuff, though I don't consider myself at all expert and really only take pictures of the cats, the changing seasons, weddings, and assorted other things we need a record of.

For what it's worth, the pics in my sig were taken with its predecessor, also an HP, the 318, I think -- which is still perfectly functional, but the battery door needs to be repaired. It was only a 2.3 megapixel, I think, and a bit of a battery hog.

These are not expensive cameras. The 318 was a gift, so I'm not sure of its price, but I picked up the 735 for just under $200 CDN. Not surprisingly there are more bells and whistles on this one than the 318, some of which I use and some not. It's pretty intuitive, though, once you've played with it a bit.

Good luck in your quest. Looking forward to some neat kitty pics!
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