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2 rescued kittens.

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In the early hours of this morning my dad and brother rescued 2 kittens from under our house. They're both girls and we're assuming that they would be no older than 4 week.
I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me how often they should be give food or milk and how much they should be given.
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Are you sure there's no mom cat around? If so it might be best to leave them in a warm place with her until you can trap all of them. Just asking!
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At 4 weeks old, they should be ready to try moist kitten food if you want to try that first - and remember to watch out for Momma cat - she may be back to look for them.

Don't give them cow's milk, it doesn't provide the right nutrition. If you are forced to bottle them, take a look at this web site - it will provide you will all of the info you need, just check into the Bottle Feeding section:


If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to come back and ask questions here.

Best of luck with these two little ones, and please ... let us know how it goes?

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Also if there are other cats in the home, keep the babies separate from them. The new kittens if they have fleas could be anemic and will need a vet visit. You should visibly see the fleas on the new kitties.
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The girls have been here for a week now and they're both well. I've been given the privilege of being owned by one of them and she has been named Zaiera (i'm pretty sure that it is African for Ray of Light). She is my little ray of light after spending a month mourning the loss of my companion of 13 years early last month.
I've started the girls on soft food and they were quite happy to eat it but i'm still giving them kitten milk most of the time.
Now it is just a matter of getting them to use the litter tray
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I wish I could help you out with the litter tray problem, but I wouldn't have a clue about orpahaned kittens.

Good to hear they are doing well. Any pictures?
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Any older adult cats in the house? If so they are the best way for the kittens to learn how to use the litter pan. Other than that, just enclose the kittens in a small room while they eat, be sure you have multiple litter pans available for them that are not close to their food or water. I put puppy pads down on the floor for any accidents as well. After two hours, take the kittens out of the room, they should have already pottied, hopefully in the pan. If they missed, then just put the missed stuff into the litter pan and don't cover it. A few hours later, remove the waste the smell should still remain. They will get the idea soon enough-
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There is an older cat in the house but she's been trained to do her business outside and I'm willing to let the girls go into the backyard just yet.

There will be pictures soon... I just have to look for my webcam, set it up and pray that it still works.

But I'll you know when they're up
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