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Posting for GIZMOE! Newborn Kittens :D

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Here is what Melinda said about them in her email to me:

Mommy had 3 kittens today. She slept with me last night and was real loving this morning, but when I tried to touch her tummy she batted and me and tried to bite. Ken and I went to look at doors and when we came back we could not find her. He did his laundry and when I was downstairs doing mine, I heard a cat cry. I found her and the three kittens in the closet on one of Ken's mom's afgans. They are all doing fine.

Gorgeous Babies and Mommy!!!!

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Aww, how lovely!
Congratulations to the new mamacat!
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What adorable babies! They also have a lovely mommy.
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Awww, that is sooooo sweet. CONGRATS!
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Thank you Ashley for posting these for me, and thanks everyone for checking my babies out. But I do have another addition to the litter that came after the pictures were taken, so I will get that picture out as soon as I get a good one of the group. The new one was another orange cat.

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You are so very welcome Melinda! Can't wait to see the other baby!
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Awwww would you look at those cutie pies!
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She and the babies are too cute.
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Awww, they're so sweet!!! Congratulations to the new mama!!!
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Awww, seeing those pics makes me wish that I could have mated Petals and Tiggy.........they would have had such beautiful kittens, such as these.
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I cant wait til Willow's babies get here. I'm so excited!!

Your kiddies are just so adorable!
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So cute! They will be beautiful cats.
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Awww there so cute...congrats!
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aww hehe!
but that second pic isnt too stunny with that thing sticking out??
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cute kittens!
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Beautiful babies, I love the little orange one.
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What adorable kitties! And a beautiful Mamma too!
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How are the babies doing?
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Awww, I love the last pic. They are precious!
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AW! The babies are SO cute! I have a question about one of the pics, though:

What in the world is the thing that I have a red arrow pointing to?

It looked even weirder in the bigger picture on the first page of the thread. Sorry, but it's baffling me
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There have been a few questions about the thing on Mommy cat, here is the story: Momma was a stray that had been eating on my back porch. She had two kittens that she used to bring with her. It got really cold and the kittens were still cominng to eat but not Mommy. I finally coaxed the two kittens in (Itchy and Scratchy, Scratchy really scratched me bad when I first tried to touch her and that is how she got her name, and Itchy just went with it) Momma returned two weeks later with her tail all broken and bent, and hard like a dead twig, I did get her to come in the house to eat and warm up, but she would not stay inside. She went out and was gone for a couple of days and when she came back the dead part of her tail had fallen off. I was moving and I was able to take her and the kittens (plus the other 5 cats I had already ). I took Mommy to the vet and the vet gave me some antibiotics and bandaged up her stump where the tail was, she also told me she was pregnant. After having the litter the bandage had blood on it, I took her (and the kittens) to the vet and had the tail rebandaged and it is getting much better. She may loose another piece of it, or if it does not heal completly she will have the bad part amputated when she is spayed in about 8-9 weeks.

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Bella and Mommy really look alike (even their kittens) isn't the world a small place!! Congrats!!!

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You are such a thoughful Mother to your kitties. I hope everthing works out for Mommy cat! Any new pictures of Mommy and babies?

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I was wondering what that was as well. So sad to hear it is her tail.
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