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future olympian?

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i'm serious- has anyone seen a cat with jumping ability like this? the brown thing on the left is a cat perch to keep them off my furniture. ashley used it as a springboard to jump over 4.5 feet (straight vertical) to the top of the bookcase. i've seen her aiming at it and just laughed- then she proved me wrong. i expected her to cry for me to get her down, but about 10 minutes later she jumped down. i'm wondering if i should move that perch.

she's scaled the 6 ft high entertainment center, but there are 3 jumping-off points to get to the top (at least i think that's how she got there...).

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Too funny. She's total flat cat with her head hanging over the edge... be sure not to pass her any catnip up there!
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She deserves a gold medal for smarts too!
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What a crafty cat.

My Frodo sometimes finds himself up atop the bookcase too.... but that's only cuz I put him there for a short time as a bit of a timeout when he really can't stay out of the kitchen... (especially while we're cooking). He also likes it there it seems, to just lounge and catnap.

He's now managed to jump from the bookcase onto the sofa and set himself free when he wants too. Oh well, one can never restrain a cat.
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Cute pic!

I can't count the times that I have found Guin on top of one of my bedroom wardrobes! I think that he jumps up there from the end of the bed... I have never seen him do it. As soon as I enter the room he jumps off as he knows that he should not be up there (I have fairy lights on top of the wardrobe and it would just take a little bite from him and he would get electrocuted! )
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Haha, cute pic.
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My niece's cat high jumped to get sis' feather duster from the top of the 6ft hutch. (no more feather duster...)
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I'm sure if one of my cats jumped up that high they would fall asleep up there and roll off in their sleep!

My cat Elmo jumps from the gate right up to our second storey deck. He really suprises me sometimes.
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