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Pound Cat

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I went to the local pound/adoption center here in town and saw a “applehead†Siamese cat about five months old. I picked him up and he just smelled me and fell asleep in my arms. I went back the following day and spent about an hour with him. Still very relaxed. I have been reading about them and from what I gathered they should be somewhat active at this young age. Is this true? Or could this cat have some problems? I love cats that are as lazy as I am and will take him on this factor alone. But I am hesitant because “they†say as they get older they get easily irritated. Any educated suggestions or theories about a laid back “applehead†Siamese cat 5 months old would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Is he caged? His laid back attitude could be depression. If you do take him I would suggest you insist on a vet check with a vet of your choice not theirs.
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My boyfriend's siamese mix was calm when we first got him, and he was about 4 months old. He just kind of laid there. Now, he loves to attack the other cats in their household, and he is as loud as can be when he wants to go outside (he's indoor only unless he's on his harness). Be prepared that they can be very stubborn as they get older, especially if they are as spoiled as my boyfriend's cat. I love him (both the cat and the guy) to death, but siamese can have very loud, obnoxious voices. That's just been my experience.
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I am a siamese lover through and through, especially the wonderful appleheads! We've actually had 2 of our most beloved go over the rainbow in the past year, which has been very difficult on the family.
Siamese are by nature, talkitive and loud...it's what they do best. Our cats would talk to us, and it is one of the things we loved the most about them. Rasha (an indoor/outdoor) atually learned how to sound like he was saying "out".
It's been so long since we've had a siamese kitten in the house (mom's thinking of getting another one, so it could be soon) that I don't remember how energetic they were. I hear stories that Natasha used to climb the blinds at our old house and I know that Rasha would take off running and playing up until the week before he died. He also loved playing fetch when he was younger, and Natasha used to chase her tail over the edge of a chair.
That being said, I agree you need to get the kitten to a vets if you decide to take him/her. When I got chester from a humane society, he was very quiet and cuddily. Turns out he had an upper respitory infection, conjunctivitus and worms. He's not so quiet anymore. On the other hand, you could be a warm comfort compared to the cage. It's still important to know.
Siamese are loud, affectionate, intelligent, curioius cats who always have to be on the highest spot in the room. I hope that everything goes well with the little kit.
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