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Farewell sweet Bubbles...

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My friend lost her kitty, Bubbles, yesterday afternoon.

He was sick a month ago, and spend quite a few days at the vets, getting fluids and medication. Bloodwork revealed that he had something wrong with his kidneys. She brought him home, making sure that he got lots of fluids and special food from the vet. He was doing great until she went away to Cuba last week. Her mum said that he didn't eat for a couple of days, and she was just about to call the vet when he started to eat. He seemed fine all week and even when my friend came home on Friday. Yesterday afternoon she gave him some water through an eyedropper (which she'd do to make sure he got enough water). A few minutes later he coughed up some foamy stuff. She picked him up and carried him towards the front door, to rush him to the vet. But she never made it out the door. He died in her arms.

I'm so sad he's gone. I know he's in a place free of pain and suffering, but it's still hard. I've known him since she got him (about 5 years), and we shared an apartment for a year. He was such a lovey kitty, so beautiful. He loved to clean your hair, and just be with you, sitting beside you or on your lap. And purrrr... he had such a sweet purrr.

Bubbies sweetie, run free at the Bridge, chase those birds and butterflies and remember how loved you are. Watch over your Meowmy and brother, they really miss your sweet presence. And I miss you too, sweetie.

Bubbles flying free
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Im sorry to hear about your loss.
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Oh Linda, I'm sorry to hear about your friends loss. Bubbles was a hansome cat, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.
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such a sweet face... i am so sorry for the loss... my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your friend
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What a beautiful cat Bubbles is. This is such a sad time for you all but he knew he was loved and protected. Your friend and her family are in my thoughts.
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, it really means a lot. As I was writing that last night it hit me that he's really gone. I keep remembering things he did, like how he would purr if you so much as looked in his direction, he was always purring! And how he would torment his brother; my friend said he's been looking around for Bubbies, and howling. Poor guy.

I'm so thankful for this site, and this forum especially. It really helped me, writing about him. It made me feel so much better, and I'm so glad I have a place I can share my feelings with fellow cat lovers.
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My Heart goes out to you and your friend, what a very beautiful boy he was
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What a sad loss for you all. But, I lost a very dear friend who loved cats, and did so much for them through donations to rescue groups. I'm sure that Bubbles, and all those other precious cat souls are making Heaven really be Heaven for my beloved Natalie Grace (I named my daughter after her). Finally, Grace can have all the cats she wants to hold & love and as much as I miss her, I'm glad she's getting that chance....
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Linda, I'm sorry for your loss. I lost Manny last week to cancer. This site has been so helpful to me through difficult times with all its positive energy. Just writing to "petpeople" and knowing that they understand. Manny slept on my legs every night. I feel like I'm forgetting something when I go to bed at night. Sending prayers for you and your Bubbles.
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Dear Linda, sorry to hear about sweet Bubbles. Hugs to you as you go through this difficult time. :-(
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Awwww RIP sweet Bubbles!
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RIP sweet Bubbles! Hugs to you!
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Sorry for your loss
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I am sorry to hear of the loss of Bubbles, he is beautiful. My heart and thoughts go out to you all.
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Very sorry to hear the sad news.
RIP Bubbles.
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