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I saved a mouse this morning.

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I was out trying to get the garage door to stay open when I saw Quki chasing something around. Then I heard the squeeking. I finally got the door to stay up and chased Quki to the front of the car. I got that poor little thing out of her mouth. It was breathing so hard and was so frightened but I didn't see any blood. I took it and released in the car canopy. You all may think it's strange but I just couldn't stand by and watch Quki rip that thing to pieces. She does that enough when we're not home.
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i dont think that's strange at all!! i would do just the same
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your just compassionate and the mouse got to live another day
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Not strange at all. I would do the same thing with Sasha.
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i would have saved the mouse too! When I still had Grace (Amie's kitty) my boyfriend and I saw her chasing something around in the garage and quickly realized it was a mouse! Well, Grace finally cornered it, and the mouse just FROZE in it's place. It was so funny, but what was even funnier was what happened next: Grace put her mouth on it, like she was going to take a taste or something, and then jumped back and shook her head like she didn't like the way it felt in her mouth! It was SO funny! She got so close to being able to have her way with a mouse (a scenario in which most other kitties would have taken advantage of) and then she acted way too good for it! haha!!! So, the mouse stayed frozen for about 30 seconds, then moved a little bit, and then Grace ran after her, chased it underneath a pool raft. We lifted the raft, the mouse froze again and Grace jumped at it and ever-so-gently nudged it with her paws, like she wanted it to play with her!!!

Eventually the mouse ran off and Grace didn't mind. haha! How cute is that? I wish I could have caught that on camera!
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