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MY POOR KITTEN!!! My husband has changed his name again BUT this time I like it. His name was smokey because of his grey color and liking to sit with my hubby when he smoked. (I did not want to name my kitty smokey. He would be made fun of by my other animals) NOW his name is (can't spell it yet. still looking for spelling) Gandolph the Grey from Lord of the Rings. I like this name. It fits better with the other pets. Speaking of them. They are just too funny right now with the new kitten.

Luke Skywalker (cat) kitten-sits him when he is on the bed and tells me quite often by meowing at me when the kitten is crying that I am doing something wrong. Obi Wan (dog) gets upset and runs around the house sniffing and whining when he can't find him then when I show him where he is he either stands guard over him or if all is quiet will settle back to his own bed. Jock (dog) sniffs at him and wakes him up all the time. I think he is waiting for him to get big enough to play with. I
also think he is a little jealous because he is not the baby anymore.
Animals are so fun.

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A lovely dignified name for him to grow into! Excellent! BTW Gandalf -- you were close.
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oh thank you. I had not found that yet.

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Yes animals are constant entertainment! I'm so glad you are having fun with your new furbaby!
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at least your kitten has a name. mine is still un-named
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Well from one person in the Mid-west with grey kitty named Gandalf to another, I think it's a wonderful name.
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