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Any ideas anyone?

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My husband and I are trying to come up with some ideas for a business or just some kind of work that we could start up together, preferably from home but not essentially. We would really like to work together and our present jobs are...well.....just not right....my husband is a qualified Plumbing and heating engineer, the money is ok but the hours are getting a bit too much.....working from 7am till 9pm and then again on Saturdays and Sundays every now and then....my job is great but the travelling to and from it is really starting to be a pain in the butt, we've always wanted to set up our own company/business, but the ideas we've had so far cost too much at the initial outlay....for example we wanted to start up a boarding cattery, but to buy the units is expensive enough and we would also have to move house to accomodate it.... We would really like some help on this, so if ANYONE has ANY ideas please let me know, it can be for anything you can think of.....
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Sorry Bodlover but I have no clue. Kittyfoot is trying to find something to make a go of working from home also. Just even trying to find something while working and outside jobe is hard. Good luck.

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I am in the process of getting licensed for home day care center. I have the paperwork in progress. A lot of work, but I think it will be very rewarding, and profitable as well!! I watch a little boy now, but I don't have my license as of yet.
Not sure if you're "into" kids, but its just an idea.
Here in MA, I can charge about $150 per week per child. So, if I have 4 kids at full time, that is $600 per week and I get to be home with my own kids!!!
I hope to be licensed by March.
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Thanks Meme, I hope Kittyfoot finds something too!! Let me know!!
Dtolle! that sounds great! Unfortunately Im not really the "children" type!! ha ha ha ha.....Now if it were cats......hee hee, thanks for the idea though!! You're very brave to take on all those kiddos!!
Any more suggestions?!! Keep 'em coming! TA XXX
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I saw a show that was about doggie daycare. It was just like day care for kids, but it was for dogs instead. As people went to work they would drop off their dogs and then they would pick them up on their way home. There was even a doggie school bus that drove around to pick up the dogs of people who couldn't bring them in. There were lots of games and activities for the dogs and lots of room to romp!

Maybe you could set up a kitty daycare center!
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oooooooooh, a kitty daycare. What a cool idea.:tounge2:
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I have an idea, maybe you could open a small store or boutique specializing in cat products and supplies, but not actually selling any cats. Possibly you could start something like this out of your home part-time if you have an enclosed porch or other area that people could come into.

In my area of the U.S. people sometimes set up small booths in shopping malls and sell products out of them.
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Cool...Thanks for the ideas guys! I thought of doing a kitty daycare, but then I thought that alot of the cats probably wouldn't get on as easy as dogs do....don't want any cat fights ya know!??!!! But that one about a kitty shop sound pretty cool....I could get in specialist stuff ....oooo.... yes something to think about!!! Thanks!
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